July 31, 2014

Veeam Content Roundup for July 2014

Posted by Maria Levkina

I don’t know if you watched the 2014 FIFA World Cup, but many Veeam employees, including myself, did. (And despite the fact that the team I supported left the tournament on the group stage, I watched the rest of the matches with great pleasure.)

Nevertheless, during all of the craziness, the Veeam Team managed to work even harder than normal to bring you high-quality educational articles and videos. See what the Veeam Resource Library added in July:

July 30, 2014

You imported a Management Pack now what… Part 1

Posted by Mike Resseler


System Center Operations Manager is a great component of the system center suite. It’s a framework that helps you monitor and manage all of your components in your infrastructure. From the hardware like compute, storage, network to the virtualization layer, VMs, OS and applications. It can be your single pane of glass to view & manage your infrastructure in a single glass of pane.

And it gets better, in combination with the other system center components such as Service Manager, Orchestrator and more it is your window to manage the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure.

But as always in infrastructure management, life isn’t always as shiny as you hope. Operations Manager is actually a rather “dumb” framework. With “dumb” I don’t mean ...

July 29, 2014

Users pick Veeam as TOP backup application!

Posted by Maria Levkina

Recently TechTarget’s Storage Magazine published a report that named Veeam as one of the TOP backup applications of Storage Magazine’s Quality Awards

The award was a result of Storage Magazine surveying 450+ qualified readers, who gave 1,000+ product evaluations and picked the most reliable data protection products from existing products that are currently on the market, regardless of brand, vendor reputation and vendor size. 

Veeam Backup & Replication got the top score in the overall ranking for midrange backup applications, and ALL categories, including Sales-force competence, Initial product quality, Product features, Product reliability, and Technical support categories.

July 25, 2014

Happy SysAdmin Day!

Posted by Mike Resseler

Every year on the last Friday of July, we show our appreciation for system administrators worldwide for all of their hard work, long weekends and the sometimes very difficult circumstances they have to work in.

At Veeam, many of us have a background in system administration. Many of us went through the entire cycle of starting at the helpdesk and working our way up to become a system administrator. So we know what it is to be a system administrator and we know the amount of work and effort you all do on a daily basis. We also know very well that it is sometimes difficult to get some appreciation for your hard work.

Today, let us raise a glass, get some ...

July 22, 2014

Announcing: General Availability of Veeam Management Pack v7 for System Center

Posted by Mike Resseler

I’m very proud to announce the General Availability of Veeam Management Pack (MP) v7 for System Center. A while ago, we announced the beta of Veeam MP to the world and the positive feedback we got was overwhelming. The beta however only included the new Microsoft Hyper-V functionality. Today the product is available, including the full capabilities for VMware vSphere and Veeam Backup & Replication.

Veeam Management Pack v7 for System Center

As mentioned in my previous blog, we changed the product name to Veeam Management Pack v7 for System Center, from Veeam Management Pack for VMware. Now that we manage and monitor multi-hypervisor environments, and the data protection associated with it, we are more than ever able to ...

July 16, 2014

Hyper-V hosts: To back up, or not to back up?

Posted by Rick Vanover

To back up, or not to back up? That is the question. What do you back up on your Hyper-V hosts, if anything? This came to me from a discussion on Spiceworks recently. The original topic was a different matter, but the challenge I raised was that the Hyper-V host itself doesn’t need to be backed up, if you do Hyper-V well. As an important side note, definitely back up the VMs! You can use Veeam for that, it just works!

But back to the central point of the Hyper-V host itself, does it need to be backed up? In the purest sense, my claim is that you don’t need to back up the host. Here is my reasoning ...

July 9, 2014

Free poster in A0 for your office: Veeam Backup & Replication for Hyper-V

Posted by Maria Levkina

How often do you feel that there are too many things to do? This week, this feeling hasn’t left me And I bet that’s the same case with the majority of Veeam employees these days.

As you know, we’re actively preparing for VeeamON, one of the most important IT events in 2014, which will take place in Las Vegas on October 6-8. Our celebrities (Veeam experts who will present at VeeamON) are under a lot of pressure. And the cool thing is that they keep surprising me!

This week, Mike Resseler, one of the best Veeam experts focused on ...

July 7, 2014

VeeamON 2014: vote for your preferred sessions!

Posted by Luca Dell'Oca

This is not an actual photo, just an interpretation.

Veeam has announced some weeks ago its own first worldwide conference: it’s called VeeamON, and it will take place at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, from 6 to 9 October 2014.

Registrations are already open, and many sponsors already signed to join us (confirmed Platinum sponsors by now are Microsoft, HP and Cisco, all with their solutions and experts exhibiting and presenting at the show); and the final agenda is in the works. We are committed to offer all attendees a great experience, and the better way to do so is to offer them great content to ...

June 26, 2014

Encryption coming to Veeam Availability Suite v8!

Posted by Rick Vanover

Ask any IT professional about encryption, and they likely have a story where something didn’t function as expected upon recovery from an encrypted backup. But talk to any IT decision maker about encryption, and they’ll likely perk up with an interest in ensuring that every possible surface area is encrypted. Coming in Veeam Availability Suite v8, Veeam Backup & Replication v8 will now offer end-to-end encryption, and with our implementation, we will make both groups of people happy!

In v8, you will be able to:

Secure data at the source (during backup)Secure data that must stay unencrypted at target (as in case of replication or quick migration)Secure data in-flight (as it is transferred between Veeam components)Secures data at rest, with support for ...

June 17, 2014

v8 feature announcements: Major replication enhancements

Posted by Mike Resseler

Disclaimer: All screenshots are from an early Beta build and are all subject to change.

Just as Veeam Backup & Replication product name implies, the cornerstone of our data protection strategy includes both image-based backup and replication in the same product. Backups are mandatory, but only replication is able to provide you with low recovery time objectives (RTOs), which are much needed for the modern data center. Because of that, we have provided both backup and replication since the very first release of our product, and always invested similar R&D efforts in both of these technologies.

In v8, coming in Q3, 2014 we continue to bring major new enhancements to replication, and today we are proud to announce them here:

Replication from backups