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June 26, 2012

Veeam Wins Microsoft Management and Virtualization Partner of the Year!

Posted by Chris Henley

“Microsoft is pleased to distinguish Veeam Software as Microsoft’s Management and Virtualization Partner of the Year,” said Mike Schutz, General Manager, Windows Server and Management at Microsoft. “With Microsoft’s private cloud technology, built on Windows Server 2008 R2 and System Center, Veeam has worked to enable customers to save costs, increase availability, and improve agility.”

Yesterday with those words it became official!  Veeam is the Management and Virtualization partner of the year for 2012.  I couldn’t be more excited! I know how much work goes in to building strong partnerships at Veeam.  We really value our partnership with Microsoft, and look forward to continued success in our relationship with them, and with each of our other partners.  We care about our ...

June 4, 2012

Something Awesome is here!

Posted by Doug Hazelman (VMDoug)

Our latest countdown clock hit zero this morning and we announced the availability of Veeam Backup Free Edition (or as we like to say, Something Awesome for Virtualization Lovers). Veeam Backup Free Edition is just the latest edition to our line of free tools and utilities for virtualization professionals. Combined with Veeam ONE Free Edition, you now have a complete set of tools to help you manage and protect your virtual infrastructure, no matter if it’s running VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V.

Veeam Backup Free Edition

As you may have guessed, we’re not “giving away” all the great functionality in Veeam Backup & Replication, just a subset. Included in the free edition is our familiar ...

January 27, 2012

Veeam product training now online!

Posted by Rick Vanover

Recently, we released Veeam End User Training. This is a great resource that can help people new to Veeam understand the details of each of our products’ technical components. While we’ve had educational content in the past for partners, having this End User Training is our next exciting milestone.

This is also a good time to introduce John Martin, our new director of Global Education Services at Veeam. John has a lot of experience in many areas of the development and delivery of learning content, services and the associated technology infrastructure. He has delivered addresses at the Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, Computer Training World, Training Directors Forum, WBT Producer, ASTD, the British Association for ...

January 24, 2012

Welcome Chris Henley to the Veeam Product Strategy Team

Posted by Doug Hazelman (VMDoug)

It is with great excitement that we announce that Chris Henley has joined Veeam. Chris will be working with myself (Doug Hazelman) and Rick Vanover to build relationships within the Microsoft Hyper-V and virtualization community. You can follow Chris on Twitter @NerdyLikeThat

Chris comes to Veeam after 9 years of working with Microsoft as an IT Pro Evangelist. He loves technology and has a passion for helping others implement solutions that make their lives work better. Chris is an accomplished public speaker with a fun style that conveys deep technical concepts in ways that are easy to understand. Chris is the co-author of “Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Administration Instant Reference” as well as a contributing author ...

January 11, 2012

Configuring Active Directory security groups for 1-Click File Restore

Posted by Rick Vanover

The ability to restore files directly to the source virtual machine within the Enterprise Manager Web UI is one of the key new Veeam Backup & Replication v6 features. Best done with Active Directory security groups, 1-Click File Restore allows selected files to be restored directly to a VM’s guest-operating system, without the user requiring access to:

July 17, 2011

Introducing V-index

Posted by Doug Hazelman (VMDoug)

Today marks the launch of Veeam’s latest community effort, the V-index. I’m very excited about this new offering as it gives the virtualization community access to a number of data points on the growth and adoption of virtualization. All of the research is conducted by Vanson Bourne, an independent company that Veeam has contracted to do the virtualization surveys. Please understand that the survey results are not those of just Veeam customers, Vanson Bourne has their own contact list of companies that they use for these surveys.

From the site:

V-index is an online virtualization industry study performed by Vanson Bourne, an independent market research company. It is based on a survey of 500 enterprises across ...

February 17, 2011

2010 – What a year for Veeam!

Posted by Doug Hazelman (VMDoug)

Doug Hazelman here and I wanted to share with everyone just what a great year 2010 was for Veeam. As we move into 2011 and continue our upward trend I’m sure more great things are around the corner but I really believe that 2010 is one of the years that will go down in Veeam history as being one of the best.

SureBackup and vPower

We started off the Spring of 2010 with our big announcement regarding SureBackup. This announcement was important for us because we knew that it was going to take some time to understand just what Recovery Verification was all about.

December 14, 2010

Veeam FastSCP for physical servers? You bet.

Posted by Rick Vanover

FastSCP was Veeam’s first product, and to this day is a free product that can be used to move files to and from ESX(i) servers. Stepping back in time, configuring SSH on an ESX server to move files via SFTP was a little clumsy; but possible. FastSCP allows VMware administrators to perform file copy, move and delete actions to and from Windows to ESX(i). FastSCP also allowed these operations to go directly from one ESX(i) server to another.

Working with large files has never honestly been pleasant. VMware-based virtualization required that administrators work with large files such as CD-ROM .ISO files as well as the occasional virtual machine disk format (VMDK) file much more often than before. This is due ...

December 10, 2010

Happy holidays from Veeam–NFR’s for VCPs, VCIs and vExperts

Posted by Doug Hazelman (VMDoug)

Back in October, Carl-Fredrik (@Cape200) sent the following Tweet:

VEEAM should really give every VMware VCP a full copy of their complete catalog! If I had gotten that I would have made them some money! 2:04 PM Oct 16th via Tweetie for Mac


This got us thinking, should we do this? I talked to a few people, including Maish Saidel-Keesing who has a popular blog called Technodrone and TechHead Simon Seagrave. They agreed that this would be a great idea for the community.

After discussing the idea internally we got the ball rolling, everyone agreed it was a great idea. Of course it’s ...

December 8, 2010

Garbage backed up, garbage restored? Not with SureBackup.

Posted by Rick Vanover

Since I’ve started here at Veeam, one of the foremost things I’ve been doing is become more familiar with the products. One feature that caught my eye and has been a popular aspect of Veeam Backup and Replication v5 with vPower is SureBackup. Basically, SureBackup verifies the backups not only that they were taken correctly; but that they are usable. There is plenty of information on SureBackup, as a refresher; see Doug Hazelman's earlier blog post from before SureBackup being released.

The fundamental issue is that a system can be backed up without any issues or warnings on the task, but is not bootable or otherwise usable. Consider the case of a virtual machine that has a critical system ...