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July 8, 2014
Recorded Webinar
Speaker: , Russ Kerscher
Duration: 24:56

With Veeam Availability Suite™ v8 and Veeam Backup & Replication™ v8, encryption is coming! Whether you want to encrypt backups at rest or while in transit across different components, this will now be possible with v8 WITHOUT losing benefits from built-in compression, deduplication or WAN Acceleration.Watch this specific webinar to see how Veeam encryption works as well as:

  • A tour of the encryption feature in v8
  • How the different components work with the encryption implementation
  • Safeguards in place for loss of encryption key
October 23, 2014
Recorded Webinar
Speaker: Mohamad Rizk
Duration: 42:44

Wouldn’t it be great to really understand host resource usage as it happens on a Hyper-V host? Dream on! If you’ve tried this in Windows task manager, you know it’s not possible. Veeam makes this level of monitoring a reality. The FREE Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V is a standalone, portable tool that shows VM and host resource utilization in real time at the individual VM level. What more could a Hyper-V admin want?

  • Learn how Hyper-V resource management works
  • See how easy it is to use the standalone Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V
  • Find out about Veeam Task Manager as a feature in Veeam Management Pack for System Center
  • October 23, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Mario Marquez

    Watch the webinar and discover what’s new with Veeam®. In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Availability Suite™ v8 - Learn how the new features and capabilities can maximize the performance of your virtual environment.
  • Veeam Cloud Connect - Fast and secure cloud backups, and much more!
  • Upcoming promotions
    • New and current customers can save with Veeam Enterprise and Enterprise Plus! Promo expires so don’t miss out!
    • Hyper-V user? Get a FREE product license for Veeam Management Pack™ (MP) v7 Enterprise edition
  • Upgrades - All Veeam Backup & Replication™ v7 users receive a free upgrade to v8 when it becomes available
  • October 21, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Mikhail Vasiliev
    Duration: 1:00:12

    Today Veeam® Explorers™ deliver e-discovery and granular recovery for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. Soon, Veeam will extend this same fast, easy recovery to Microsoft SQL Server databases and Active Directory, as well as make Exchange recovery even better! In this webinar you'll learn how you can lower your RTOs with our new Veeam Explorers coming in Veeam Backup & Replication v8:

  • Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Servergives you fast, transaction-level recovery of Microsoft SQL databases
  • Veeam Explorer for Active Directorymakes item-level recovery with Active Directory easier than ever
  • Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchangenow allows you recover hard-deleted items that you once thought were lost forever
  • October 21, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Duration: 37:58

    Veeam has long valued the Spiceworks Community, and to show our appreciation, we provided SpiceHeads with an exclusive, behind-the-scenes preview of big news from Veeam. During VeeamON this October in Las Vegas, we shared a very special announcement. But SpiceHeads don’t have to be in Vegas to hear the big news.

    Join Veeam Product Strategy Specialist Rick Vanover on this webinar to be among the first to see the next BIG thing from Veeam.

    You won’t regret it!
    October 20, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Jose Mendoza, Shawn Lieu, Jason Leiva
    Duration: 1:08:30

    Join us for a recap on VeeamON 2014. If you did not get to attend the World's Premiere Data Center Availability event — VeeamON 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada — this recap will still allow you to experience, engage and enjoy it. Shawn Lieu and Jose Mendoza will give you a VIP look behind the scenes into some of the highlights from the amazing 3-day event.

      Topics and demos include:
    • General Sessions Overview – This will include discussions about the breakout session topics
    • Recorded interviews – Hear from industry experts about their experiences at VeeamON 2014
    • Events around VeeamON 2014 – Sneak peek into LabWarz, VMCE, keynotes and more
    October 16, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: ,
    Duration: 01:01:56

    You've heard of Domain Controllers and trees?

    Dive into the specifics of Active Directory schema, objects and containers with us. Learn about replication and how it impacts your understanding of high availability. Also, take a look at how several services like DNS and DHCP interact with Domain Controllers, and learn best practices on deploying Domain Controllers.
    October 15, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Jason Buffington
    Duration: 7:05

    Modern data centers aren’t converged just for space and cooling savings through consolidation, they are converged because this is the best way to deliver the agility, scalability and durability that modern businesses demand. Jason takes a close look at the Cisco and NetApp components of the FlexPod architecture and then explores how Veeam Availability Suite integrates with NetApp Data ONTAP to provide application availability.

    October 15, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Jason Leiva
    Duration: 35:35

    Achieving non-stop service and continuous protection has traditionally required a significant investment in fully redundant systems with instant failover capabilities. These kinds of investments could only be justified for a few applications, so the vast majority of workloads are served with lower performing, legacy backup solutions allowing RTOs and RPOs of several hours or days.

    Veeam® bridges this gap and provides Availability for the Modern Data Center™. With Veeam and Nimble Storage, you can tackle virtually any data protection scenario and get high-performance flash-accelerated storage that will weather any I/O storm.

    Watch this webinar to learn how the Nimble and Veeam combination provides:

    • Affordable high-performance
    • VM, file-level, and application-item recovery
    • Flexible retention and native tape support
    • Centralized management
    October 9, 2014
    Recorded Webinar
    Duration: 48:54

    The journey to cloud consists of many stages, becoming fully virtualised including Critical Business Applications is an important milestone along the way. Let us show you how to plan for and execute the virtualisation of these Critical Workloads without falling for the common pitfalls. With this whiteboard you will learn:
    • Reasons to Virtualise Critical Applications
    • Historical Reasons why Critical Applications have not been Virtualised
    • Consideration for Successfully Virtualising Critical Applications
    Watch this whiteboard session and learn how to increase your RPO’s and RTO’s with Virtualisation and Veeam®!

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