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August 11, 2015
Recorded Webinar
Speaker: Mike Resseler, Peter De Tender
Duration: 1:22:13

Although the new interface is an important aspect of the Windows 10 adoption, this session will mainly focus on all the other great stuff to talk about.

Starting with the security approach in the Operating System, we’ll guide you through the identity security features Windows Hello and Hyper-V Virtual Secure Mode (VSM). We’ll also discuss the different deployment options you’ll have when migrating to Windows 10, and end with a few words on mobile device management using Azure AD Join.

This webinar will also focus on:
  • Secure boot
  • Device health
  • Windows update for business
Register now and learn what Windows 10 is bringing to your enterprise, and how you as a system administrator should prepare to adopt Windows 10.
August 27, 2015
Recorded Webinar
Speaker: Jason Leiva, Eric Bassier
Duration: 53:55

In the modern data center, many companies run business-critical data on a virtual infrastructure while trying to protect their data and control their ever-increasing storage and backup software costs. Organizations of all sizes face a variety of technical challenges that are forcing them to rethink how they approach storing and protecting their virtual data. Veeam and Quantum have teamed up to help organizations of all sizes overcome those obstacles, providing award-winning technology and expertise in backup, recovery, and archive.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • Reducing backup application costs versus traditional backup applications
  • Reducing backup windows and improving utilization rates of production VMs
  • Minimize network bandwidth usage when replicating across sites, or to the cloud
  • Dramatically improve recovery time and point objective (RTPO) for Tier-1 applications by leveraging technology built for virtual environments
August 18, 2015
Recorded Webinar
Speaker: Jason Leiva, Tim Doering
Duration: 51:05

Watch Veeam® and HP for a FREE, technical-oriented webinar and take a deeper look at the technology behind the HP 200-HC’s software-defined storage platform. Veeam Solutions Architect Jason Leiva and HP Product Manager Tim Doering will lead you though:

  • Configuration and deployment strategies for Veeam Availability Suite™ and the HP’s latest hyper-converged offering
  • Key features of HP StoreVirtual VSA
  • Veeam’s integration with HP CS 200-HC StoreVirtual platform
  • And more!
August 05, 2015
Recorded Webinar
Speaker: Michael Diaz , Ben Town
During this FREE WEBINAR you will learn:
  • How Veeam provides Availability for the Modern Data Center
  • Why you need Veeam Cloud Connect to protect your data
  • Demo of the Veeam Cloud Connect solution
  • And more!
  • July 29, 2015
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: , Philip Kanjuka
    Duration: 20:41

    Watch our free webinar from July 28 about NEW Veeam Explorer™ for Oracle, plus many NEW enterprise-level enhancements for advanced, granular VM recovery in Veeam Explorers for Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server.

    Find out how NEW Veeam Availability Suite™ v9 delivers the following new and enhanced capabilities:

  • NEW Veeam Explorer for Oracle for transaction-level recovery of Oracle databases, including agentless transaction log backup to restore Oracle databases to a precise point in time.
  • New eDiscovery features for Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange, including detailed export reports.
  • Enterprise-level enhancements, including enabling restores of Group Policy Objects, integrated DNS records and configuration partition objects with Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory, full-site and site collection restores with Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint and table-level restores with Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server.
  • And more!
  • July 27, 2015
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Pieter Vereecken
    Duration: 1:40:00

    Learn how to squeeze the most out of your Hyper-V environment with Veeam Availability Suite™, from deployment and configuration to best practices for daily use. You’ll learn about:

    • Veeam Explorers™
    • Backup methods
    • Configuration of Veeam Availability Suite
    • And more!
    Join us as we discuss why you will love Veeam Availability Suite for Hyper-V!

    July 24, 2015
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Sean Smith
    Duration: 1:13:30

    In this webinar, you’ll learn about the solution architecture and different deployment scenarios. In just one hour, we will show you how to deploy a fresh Veeam Backup & Replication™, configure a proxy and a backup repository and even set up offsite backup to fit Veeam’s famous 3-2-1 rule.

    Learn how to:

    • Choose the right deployment scenario
    • Install Veeam Backup & Replication in minutes
    • Configure backup proxy and backup repository
    • And more!

    July 17, 2015
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Luca DellOca, Gordon Huffstutler
    Duration: 28:44

    Watch this webinar and learn how Veeam gives you fast, low-impact backups and more ways to leverage your storage investments with new primary storage integration with EMC, NetApp, HP – and others! Join us at this FREE webinar to find out how NEW Veeam® Availability Suite™ v9 — coming soon — delivers these capabilities with the following new features:
    • Direct NFS Access — Perform VMware backups faster and with reduced impact on your virtual environment by backing up directly from file-based (NFS) primary storage using Veeam’s proprietary NFS client.
    • On-Demand Sandbox™ for Storage Snapshots — Use storage snapshots to create complete isolated copies of your production environment in just a few clicks, for fast and easy testing and troubleshooting – available with VMware vSphere and HP, NetApp, and EMC storage.
    • Backup from NetApp SnapMirror and SnapVault — Completely eliminate the additional impact from backup activities on your production storage by retrieving VM data from SnapMirror or SnapVault secondary storage systems, instead of from the primary storage system.
    July 08, 2015
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Luca DellOca, Matt Kalmenson
    Duration: 59:37

    Disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) is your #1 opportunity to add value and sell cloud services to new and existing customers. But current tools are expensive or only allow you to address a narrow slice of the market. Well, all that’s about to change.

    Join us for a sneak peek at Veeam® Cloud Connect Replication for Service Providers – coming soon with Veeam Availability Suite™ v9:

    • Learn how Veeam reduces the cost and complexity of delivering DRaaS
    • See how Veeam makes DRaaS practical in any customer environment
    • Get ready to connect with the expanding Veeam ecosystem of 145,500 customers and 30,500 partners

    This webinar is for service providers. If you’re a Veeam customer interested in using Cloud Connect Replication in v9, please register for the special customer webinar
    June 26, 2015
    Recorded Webinar
    Speaker: Luca DellOca, Russ Kerscher
    Duration: 25:21

    Ensure availability of your mission-critical applications without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a disaster recovery (DR) site. Coming soon in Veeam® Availability Suite™ v9, Veeam Cloud Connect will include VM replication providing fully integrated, fast and secure cloud-based DR through a service provider.

    Advanced image-based VM replication through Veeam Cloud Connect is simple to set-up and easy-to-use. Join our webinar to learn how you can:

    • Get a cloud host for DR with CPU, RAM, storage and networking resource allocation from a service provider
    • Initiate a full site failover to a remote DR site or a partial site failover to instantly switch to a VM replica from anywhere with just a few clicks through a secure web portal
    • Fully leverage single port connectivity via a secure, reliable SSL/TLS connection to a service provider with traffic encryption—and much MORE!

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