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Whiteboard Fridays: File restores for every situation

Speaker: , Jose Mendoza, Jason Leiva
Published: November, 2012
Whiteboard Fridays: File restores for every situation

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Users will always be users, and VM admins will still make mistakes. That's why it's really important to know all of your restore options. Together with Rick Vanover, Veeam's IT evangelist and master of whiteboarding, we'll show you how all of the different file restore options work. Whether it is a file from a Linux VM, retrieving parts of a Hyper-V or vSphere VM, or a way for your helpdesk to easily restore files, we'll explain it all with the following discussion topics:

  • How the One-Click File Restore works
  • What the Instant File Level Recovery does
  • How this applies to VMware and Hyper-V VMs
Duration: 1:14:17

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