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Top 7 VMware Management Challenges

Author: Eric Siebert, VMware vExpert
Top 7 VMware Management Challenges

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The challenges that come with virtualization must be addressed to achieve successful implementation. Virtualization affects everything in the data center. Don’t ignore the challenges that come with virtualization.

Learn how to conquer the top management challenges of implementing VMware virtualization, including:
  • VM sprawl
  • Storage management
  • Monitoring/reporting and more

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About the author

Eric Siebert is an IT industry veteran, author and blogger with more than 25 years of experience, most recently specializing in server administration and virtualization. He is a very active member of the VMware VMTN support forums, where he's attained the elite Guru status by helping others with their virtualization-related challenges. Siebert has published books including his most recent, "Maximum vSphere" from Pearson Publishing, and has authored training videos in the Train Signal series. He also maintains his own VMware information website, vSphere-land, and is a regular blogger and feature article contributor on TechTarget’s SearchServerVirtualization and SearchVMware websites.