Why switch?

Acronis users are switching to Veeam because they want a more powerful, enterprise-ready solution, with a flexible architecture, where it does not matter whether they have ten or thousands of virtual machines.

They switch because Availability should be an asset, not a burden. More than half of the world's largest companies have turned their back on legacy backup systems: Instead they use an Availability solution from Veeam.

Acronis vs Veeam:

Five reasons to switch to Veeam Availability Suite

1. Availability beats legacy backup

Acronis makes modern products that behave like legacy ones. Agents are required for any meaningful granular recovery. Acronis Backup for VMware (formerly vmProtect), and Acronis Backup Advanced are limited in capability. With the average company experiencing unplanned downtime 13 times a year1, the costs associated with continuing to invest in a niche backup solution can be extensive.

1Source: ESG Research, Veeam Customer Insights Survey, February 2014*

2. High-speed recovery

Availability is more than just backup. Acronis' multiple VM backup products have one thing in common: Lack of recovery options. It's no wonder that Veeam customers experience 96% of recoveries within their RTO SLAs, compared to 78% for legacy solutions.2

2Source: ESG Research, Veeam Customer Insights Survey, February 2014*

3. Data loss avoidance

Acronis offers backup—and only backup. Backups are great for restoring small amounts of data but protecting and recovering an entire data center requires a different approach. Veeam has offered 2-in-1 Backup and Replication™ since v1, while Acronis doesn’t offer the advanced tools needed to complete a business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

4. Verified recoverability

Niche backup vendors like Acronis offer unsophisticated products with limited features. The automation capabilities of Veeam's SureBackup® and SureReplica technologies allow your organization to ensure that every VM is tested for recoverability, every time.

5. Leveraged data

Acronis' backup solutions do not provide a way to put your backup and replication infrastructure to work. Veeam’s Virtual Lab gives administrators an On-Demand Sandbox™ to troubleshoot issues, test new applications and software patches, and train staff on a working copy of a production environment.

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Veeam vs Acronis

Five technical differentiators

Veeam Acronis
Agentless, all-in-one image-based backup, replication, monitoring and capacity planning
Automatically verify the recoverability of every backup, every virtual machine (VM), every time.
Agentless recovery for AD, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL and Oracle
Agentless backup and recovery from storage snapshots
Built-in WAN Acceleration

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restore scenarios
of your backups tested

of the Fortune 500 are available 24.7.365

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