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Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) Program

Alliances for VCSP partners

Veeam addresses the ever-changing, ever-expanding role of service providers by partnering with software and other vendors serving the service provider community.

Veeam works with our alliance partners to provide service providers
with compelling capabilities for:

Remote monitoring
and management (RMM)
Cloud backup
Mobile alerts

Benefit from integration
with our Veeam Alliances for VCSP partners

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eFolder provides MSPs with a one-stop shop for everything you need to offer a Veeam-powered cloud backup service. You can take advantage of the massive storage and recovery capabilities of the eFolder Cloud when you use Veeam Cloud Connect Backup for Service Providers alongside eFolder’s cloud backup and disaster recovery service, eFolder BDR for Veeam. Veeam Cloud Connect, as well as eFolder BDR for Veeam, can be licensed through eFolder. The eFolder service includes 500 GB of bundled cloud storage per protected VM (virtual machine), and supports forever incremental backups and block-level deduplication and compression.

Products/services available from eFolder

*This is a Veeam product that you can license from eFolder in North America.

About eFolder

eFolder is a leading supplier of cloud data protection, business continuity and cloud file sync solutions for MSPs, solution providers and VARs (value-added resellers). eFolder delivers wholesale services to the channel and enables its partners to provide branded data protection and file sync services and to generate highly profitable, recurring revenue. eFolder services complement many of the managed service offerings already deployed by partners and integrate with common PSA (professional service automation) systems, making adoption of eFolder services fast and easy. eFolder also empowers cost-effective partner and end-user private clouds, allowing partners to meet the needs of any client, regardless of size or readiness to engage in public cloud services.

Next steps

Contact eFolder to get started.


Monitor and manage Veeam backups from the Ninja RMM platform. The Ninja platform includes:

  • One-click drill down and integrated search: Easily find devices and customers with dynamic search functionality
  • One-click remediation: Restore, delete anti-virus threats, accept or approve patches on demand, and reset alerts on demand
  • Integrated device viewer: Get unparalleled visibility into devices with high-level overviews, device and monitoring details, alerting and self-healing actions

Products available for NinjaMSP

Integration between Veeam Backup & Replication and NinjaMSP coming soon!

About NinjaMSP

NinjaMSP is a Silicon Valley-based company that has a wealth of experience building products for MSPs. Designed for MSPs, the Ninja platform offers an easy and simple to use web interface that includes zero training time, one-click drill down with integrated search as well as one-click remediation. With 360 degree monitoring, Ninja gives MSPs a measurable way to provision, monitor and manage their infrastructure.

Next steps

Contact NinjaMSP for more information.


With Veeam and OnPage, you can manage Veeam alerts on your mobile device. Integrated with Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam ONE™, OnPage has automatic alert generation, real-time status of all alerts and responses, and in-app messaging capability for team communication and collaboration. In addition, OnPage ensures alerts are attended by the right person at the right time allowing full incident-response visibility.

Products available for OnPage

Coming soon! OnPage Alerting & Notification Add-on for Veeam

About OnPage

OnPage provides the industry’s only intelligent round-trip priority alerting and messaging system. Their award-winning, cloud-based technology is used by thousands of customers worldwide in healthcare, finance, government and manufacturing to provide secure messaging leveraging mobile devices.

Next steps

Contact OnPage to get started.

Become a Veeam Alliance Partner

Veeam enables alliance partners to build and deliver joint Availability solutions to better address the dynamic nature of the managed service provider business. Becoming a Veeam Alliance partner represents a huge market opportunity for any software or other vendor. Veeam is recognized as a major player in the backup space, and as an alliance partner, you can take advantage of the awareness — and demand — for Veeam solutions. Veeam protects over 13.3 million VMs, and the ever-growing Veeam ecosystem now includes more than 14,300 VCSP partners.