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Veeam Availability Platform

Availability for
Any App, Any Data, Across Any Cloud

As data volumes explode, the value of data continues to exponentially increase and your data center strategy evolves to keep up with your business, you need a data management platform that solves for your needs of today while seamlessly supporting your future data center strategy. The Veeam® Availability Platform™ enables:

A Single Solution

Meets your needs today and for the future with a platform for all OPEX models and for all workloads

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Gives you flexibility to use multiple clouds (AWS/Azure/Google), depending on your needs

IT Simplification and Standardization

Reduce administrative overhead and labor cost of all workloads, including database backup and the same set of tools and processes

Portfolio Reduction

Reduces the need for separate monitoring tools and provides disaster recovery and orchestration solutions as a part of our platform

Audit and Compliance

Provides General Data Protection (GDPR) compliance capabilities and data security with Veeam DataLabs™ and Veeam ONE™

Business Acceleration

Improve operations by testing upgrades and security vulnerability, executing DevOps/DevTest and mining data for business insights

Veeam Availability Platform

Monitoring & Analytics
Backup & Replication
Universal APIs

Our platform is the most complete solution to help customers evolve the way they manage data from policy‑to behavior‑based and make it smarter and self‑governing, and ensure it's available across any application and any cloud infrastructure.

AIt helps customers on the journey to improve and modernize their Availability practice, and to achieve improved Cloud Data Management to support better business outcomes.


Protect your virtual environments with Veeam’s #1 Backup and Replication.

Veeam’s virtualization capabilities are extensive, given that the company’s roots are in virtual server backup/recovery and replication/failover, making Veeam the #1 Backup and Replication solution for VMWare, Microsoft Hyper‑V and Nutanix AHV.

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Endpoint and physical servers continue to represent a significant component of the data footprint in most organizations.

Endpoints, workstations and servers remain critical components of today’s data centers and Veeam provides backup and recovery for these physical components
with Veeam Agents for Microsoft Windows, Linux, IBM AIX and Solaris.

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Get total access, control and protection of your software as a service (SaaS) data.
With Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, organizations can mitigate the risk of losing access and control over Office 365 data, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

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Protect your data across a multi‑cloud environment.

Veeam offers a variety of data protection solutions for the multi‑cloud enterprise with strong alliance partnerships, including cloud providers: AWS, Microsoft Cloud, IBM Cloud and thousands of Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners.

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Monitoring & Analytics

Visibility for any data, any app and across any cloud for business stakeholders.

With Veeam ONE, organizations can gain a single pane‑of‑glass view of their entire IT infrastructure.

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Anticipate needs and securely meet the demand of a multi‑cloud world, reducing risk and accelerating innovation.

Veeam Availability Orchestrator helps automate the process of creating, documenting and testing DR plans, so business continuity and compliance can be maintained.

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Backup & Replication

Veeam Backup & Replication™ is the engine that drives the Veeam Availability Platform.

Veeam provides centralized management for virtual, physical and cloud‑based workloads.

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Veeam DataLabs mitigates risk and drives innovation without business disruption.

Veeam DataLabs helps organizations leverage their data so that it is an insurance policy for Availability and an enabler of business acceleration.

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Universal APIs

Veeam integrations enable the highest level of Availability and service level agreements (SLAs), improve operational efficiency and deliver the best possible outcomes.

Veeam delivers integrations and interfaces with a large ecosystem of partners, including hypervisor integration, cloud integrations, storage integration through Universal Storage APIs with partners such as HPE, NetApp and Cisco and interfaces with critical applications such as SAP and Oracle.

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Veeam has an offering that fits any company’s size and budget

Cloud Data Management with
a Simple, Flexible and Reliable Platform

Cloud Data Management with Simple, Reliable and Flexible Platform

To meet modern business challenges, you need a new Cloud Data Management™ strategy that takes an holistic approach to data across its lifecycle, known as the 5 Stages of Cloud Data Management.

The Veeam Availability Platform is designed to guide you through these stages. It’s the most complete solution to help make your data smarter, self-governing and available across any application and any cloud infrastructure.

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