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  • Overview

Cloud-native backup and recovery of AWS workloads

Veeam® Availability for AWS combines cloud-native backup, restore and DR of AWS workloads with the ability to consolidate backup data in a central Veeam repository.

Now, you can reliably move to and holistically manage a multi-cloud environment for an unprecedented level of Intelligent Data Management. 

Agentless AWS backup and restore

Amazon Web Services provides a robust cloud platform for you to create and deploy business applications without the financial burdens and time commitments of building and maintaining your own infrastructure. However, based on the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, your applications and data are your responsibility.

Veeam Availability for AWS mitigates the risk of losing access to your cloud applications and ensures protection of your AWS data against accidental deletion, data-level security threats and outages. It also provides the ability to consolidate all Veeam backup data (i.e., on-premises VMs, physical servers, etc.) in a central repository.

Backup purpose-built for AWS

Cloud-native, agentless data protection that is purpose-built for AWS, using AWS snapshots with the Veeam-N2WS virtual appliance, available in the AWS Marketplace. This allows for rapid recovery of anything from a complete server or instance to a specific volume or individual file.
Create a fast and reliable AWS backup directly from an AWS snapshot

Enable cloud mobility and save costs

Decouple your EC2 instance backups from the AWS infrastructure
Decouple backups from the AWS EC2 infrastructure and store data in a low-cost format inside Amazon S3 object storage or on premises. Store your backups separately from Amazon EBS Snapshots, which will lower your data protection costs, improve your retention options and significantly simplify data mobility. 

Powerful, reliable AWS recovery

Take full advantage of Veeam’s powerful, reliable recovery technologies trusted by over 343,000 customers worldwide. Achieve industry-leading RTOs with:

  • Instant recovery of Amazon EC2 instances to the original AWS region or even a different region or account.
  • Database point-in-time recovery and cross-region and / or cross-account DR of Amazon RDS, Redshift and DynamoDB.
  • Veeam backup copy jobs and direct restore functionality to enable cloud mobility.
  • Advanced search and find capabilities to retrieve exactly what you need without restoring an entire instance or mounting a volume.
Instantly recover Amazon EC2 instances into AWS  

Cloud-native backup approach

Many vendors repackage existing technology and call it “cloud,” but reverse engineering a data center backup solution for AWS workloads produces a poor result. Born-in-the-cloud workloads are unique, and thus need a fundamentally different approach for AWS backup. 

Veeam Availability for AWS uses a cloud-native approach, systematically designed for AWS. It provides the ability to:

  • Create block-level, incremental backups of Amazon EC2 instances, EBS volumes and RDS databases by extending and enhancing Amazon snapshots. 
  • Schedule reliable backups for low RPO and RTOs of less than 15 minutes, create customizable retention periods for different types of workloads and rest easy with built-in encryption. 
  • Perform application consistent backups of production EC2-based applications without taking the systems offline with support for MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint and more. 

Why back up AWS workloads?

Hyperscale public clouds like Amazon take on the responsibility of the underlying infrastructure itself — the hardware you would normally find in an on-premises environment. But there are many risks that can only be mitigated with a purpose-built AWS cloud backup solution, including:

  • Human error: Accidental deletion and mistakes made by an admin or a developer can be easily saved with a backup.
  • Malicious activity: Keep yourself protected against internal and external threats, which are becoming more common every day.
  • Outages: Access issues within a certain region or even within a certain AWS account.

Another way to mitigate risk of cloud-based workloads is to store your backups independently from the cloud infrastructure. With Veeam, in addition to the option of storing your data in AWS S3, your cloud-based data can be mobilized with a backup copy job and sent on premises or to another location of your choice. Whenever you need it, your AWS data can be quickly and easily restored back into AWS. 

Two components, one solution

Veeam Availability for AWS consists of two components:

  • N2WS Backup & Recovery for cloud-native backup, recovery and DR of AWS workloads.
  • Veeam Backup & Replication™ to restore AWS backups using VBR external repository and consolidate Amazon backup in an on-premises VBR repository for expanded recovery choices.

With this solution, you can manage all of your data regardless of where it resides — both on premises and in AWS. Now, that’s Intelligent Data Management.