I am happy to announce that the Update 2 download for Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 is now available for Veeam service providers! This is the latest update for our flagship product and adds support for the upcoming release of Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows 2.0 along with other significant enhancements and bug fixes. But when it comes to our cloud and service providers, the biggest new feature is Veeam Backup Remote Access. Let’s dive straight into this new feature!

In the iconic Charlie Chaplin film, “Modern Times,” there is a classic scene where he tries to keep up with an ever-moving assembly line with the expected results you might envision. It’s a good image to keep in mind when considering today’s IT technology. The IT world is moving fast and the expectations on the services they deliver is ever increasing with of course, ever shrinking budgets to meet these demands.

The Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) certification program was a success during VeeamON 2015 and this year the training is only getting better. VeeamON 2017 is a great opportunity to become a VMCE. You will find yourself among IT Pros, industry leaders and Veeam experts, the perfect environment for Veeam solutions learning. In case you are already a VMCE, you can attend the brand new VMCE-Advanced: Design & Optimization v1 (VMCE-ADO course).

On Feb. 14, Veeam and their Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners launched an unprecedented offer in the history of the company. This offer gave each of Veeam’s eligible US and Canada customers an opportunity to put $1,000 towards extending Availability to the cloud or expanding their existing usage of cloud backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). The good news for US and Canada customers who have not yet registered for this offer — the deadline to register has now been extended to June 30 by popular demand!

Fighting ransomware has become a part of doing business today. Technology professionals around the world are advocating many ways to stay resilient. The most effective method is to have end-user training on how to handle and operate attachments and connectivity to the Internet. One other area to look is frequent endpoint devices: Laptops and PCs.

Great news! The breakout sessions for VeeamON 2017 have been revealed, and they are all incredible. Today, I’m offering you a sneak peek at five sessions that caught my attention and which, I believe, will also spark the interest of the attendees. If you are keen to attend but haven’t booked your seat yet, you can do it here.

The only two certainties in life are death and taxes. In IT, you can add disasters to this short list of life’s universal anxieties.

Regardless of the size of your budget, people power and level of IT acumen, you will experience application downtime at some point. Amazon’s recent east coast outage is testimony to the fact that even the best and brightest occasionally stumble.

There is only one month left until VeeamON 2017, and all eyes of the IT industry will be on New Orleans for the world's premier Availability conference. At VeeamON 2017, you'll have the chance to interact with IT gurus and decision makers from around the world and finally get to know the Veeam experts and ask them about our innovative products. Today, I will give you more insights about our featured keynote speakers and the 80+ breakout sessions, where you'll learn about everything that's trending in the industry.

In the observance of World Availability Day, I wish all of you stay out of downtime and have your data always there for you and your customers. Yes, we know that tomorrow is World Backup Day, but we consider that backups are insufficient for modern organizations. They need more than that, they need unconditional access to their applications and data, anywhere at any time.

VeeamON 2017, the world’s largest event entirely focused on Availability, is less than two months away, and there is no better place or time to connect with the Veeam community to discuss the latest in data center modernization using virtualization, storage and cloud technologies.