3 unique use cases for using Veeam Cloud Connect

As the CTO for OGD ict-diensten, a Dutch managed service provider (MSP), I try to spot market opportunities for my region early and often. We live in a new paradigm where software is eating the world, so it’s crucial for me to keep up with new technology whenever and wherever possible. This is why I attended and presented at VeeamON 2015 and learned about the much-anticipated Veeam Availability Suite v9 and all the awesome new features it delivers for MSPs.
Joep Piscaer
Posted by Joep Piscaer

Published: May 26, 2016

Countdown to v7: Virtual Labs for Replicas

If you thought we would run out of awesome ideas for our solution, think again.  We’re announcing the 7th feature in our Countdown to v7 today: Virtual Labs for Replicas (currently for VMware only).

Our customers and partners have long been asking us to add “SureReplica” functionality - in other words, enable the SureBackup capability for replicas and not just for backups. However, we at Veeam saw a lot more potential for also using replicas to take advantage of resources that are currently being wasted. In v7, we’re taking the SureReplica feature request beyond automated replica verification to provide you with the full range of functionality you’re already leveraging with Veeam backups.

So, the subtitle for this blog post should be: Put ...

Hans De Leenheer
Posted by Hans De Leenheer

Published: May 7, 2013

Veeam brings Virtual-Labs to Hyper-V

As you have noticed, Veeam is anouncing Veeam Backup & Replication v7 features one at a time at the go.veeam.com/v7 page. We already announced support for vCloud Director, a vCenter Web Client Plugin and the Veeam Explorer for Sharepoint. Today it is my honor to tell you that Veeam is bringing all the features of Veeam Virtual Labs to Hyper-V. I will explain all major features in just a minute but first I need to explain where all this features are based on.

It’s called vPower:

vPower is a Veeam patented technology that enables you to power up a VM from within a deduplicated and compressed backup file. This means ...

Hans De Leenheer
Posted by Hans De Leenheer

Published: April 17, 2013

Holiday Season patching? Veeam ensures your family time

I have been a System Engineer for some years and one of the scariest traditions was Holiday Season patching. In short it means that a lot of companies still think its ok to keep the systems an entire year running and do ALL patches (firmware, OS, software) in the week between Christmas and New Year. More often than not that did not turn out to be the best experience as 'something' will break. I cannot recall a single holiday season that the patching projects went actually better than planned. What I do recall are the Christmas or New Year's eves that we were troubleshooting or recovering from previous versions.

So how can Veeam save your bacon?

There are 3 stages in the ...

Hans De Leenheer
Posted by Hans De Leenheer

Published: December 13, 2012

Recover your data from SAN snapshots for FREE

SAN snapshots are the fastest way to secure your data, especially if you are using offloading API's like VAAI. So since it is fast and the timeframe is small, some people want to use san snapshots as a backup procedure. There are a few issues here; the first issue is that if you want a longer retention, you will need to keep all your snapshots online and this will take too much precious production data in your tier1 storage array. The second issue is that a lot of SAN products today still don't like working full-time on top of nested snapshotted LUNs.

Hans De Leenheer
Posted by Hans De Leenheer

Published: August 22, 2012