Why backup OneDrive for Business

Storing and sharing data is not unique to the digital age and has always been an essential part of the business. What has changed is the way we achieve this exchange. In the evolution of technologies came the evolution of communication. To exchange large data sets, we no longer need to copy information physically to hand it to another stakeholder. This can be achieved by storing data to a public cloud provider, which both parties have trust in. This kind of trusted transaction can help with sharing data both externally and internally. One of the most notable public cloud providers who facilitate this kind of exchange is Microsoft, with OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. Read more
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Karinne Bessette

Technologist, Product Strategy

Does Office 365 require a third-party backup? A Microsoft MVP’s perspective

This blog explains five essential security, compliance and availability capabilities built into Office 365. These capabilities provide excellent value to Office 365 users, and there is no reason for you not to leverage them. However, these features were not purpose-built to be a backup solution, so there are gaps and trade-offs to consider if you want to use them for backup. Microsoft makes strategic business decisions about where to invest in certain features. They have chosen not to invest in a purpose-built Office 365 backup solution. They have left this gap for their strategic partners, like Veeam, to fill. Read more
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Edward Watson

Manager, Product Marketing

Our growth trajectory continues – 400,000 satisfied customers and counting

Providing our customers with the industry’s best data protection platform is at the heart of everything we do, and we are immensely proud of the continuous feedback we get from across the globe; whether from our strong customer satisfaction scores, or from the reviews we receive on Gartner Peer Insights or Trust Radius, customer feedback unanimously tells us that we are delivering on their data protection and data management needs. Read more
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William H. Largent

Chief Executive Officer

v11 is coming! What’s got the Veeam Vanguard community so excited?

One of the many benefits of being a Veeam Vanguard is having early access to the beta versions and previews of new Veeam products. Many Veeam Vanguards have already put their hands on an early version of v11 and dived deep into the many new features that come with this new release. While beta testing, Veeam Vanguards also have the chance to get in touch with the Veeam product strategy and Veeam research and development teams who are responsible for developing these products. Read more
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Nikola Pejková

Technical Analyst & Community Manager, Product Strategy

HUGE, NEW AWS backup and recovery release!

Today, Veeam releases its latest AWS backup and recovery solution: Veeam Backup for AWS v3. This is the biggest release since the original launch just one year ago, and it contains some massive new capabilities for protecting AWS data, especially ones most requested by our users.

Let’s dive in and see some of the new key capabilities in this release.

Read more
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David Hill

Technologist, Product Strategy

Looking back on 2020, giving back to you

As I look back on what 2020 has meant for me here at Veeam, this also is an opportunity that I feel is the right time to let the Veeam community know that we are here for our customers, partners and more. There are a few things that Veeam is working on that I want to highlight as we go into 2021. Read more
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Rick Vanover

Senior Director, Product Strategy

Microsoft Teams backup and recovery in NEW Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v5

For years, Veeam has established itself as the #1 Office 365 backup, and this will be further solidified with version 5 of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, which adds purpose-built backup and recovery for Microsoft Teams. Version 5 also includes Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Teams, which provides granular search across Teams components, with faster and easier recovery built for Teams. Veeam has also made architectural enhancements, delivering a massive scale increase to support larger enterprises, and added some new RESTful APIs to help with automation management. Read more
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Karinne Bessette

Technologist, Product Strategy

Get ready for 2021 Vanguard class!

We are once again in that time of year to review and sum up the current year and prepare for the new one. In this case we're talking about it being time to open nominations and renewals for the seventh year of Veeam's top-notch influencer Vanguard community that will turn into the class of 2021 next spring! Read more
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Nikola Pejková

Technical Analyst & Community Manager, Product Strategy

How Service Providers protect your data against common cybersecurity threats

Security challenges for IT professionals and organizations today are multitudinous. Every day we learn of an organization that became a victim to a cybersecurity breach or other malicious event, such as ransomware, essentially putting their business and their customers’ sensitive data at risk. Your infrastructure, networks and data should be protected, and most organizations strive to implement appropriate risk aversion measures and tactics. Read more
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Tim Hudson

Solutions Architect, VCSP Engineering Team