When we released v7 of Veeam Backup & Replication in August, we also included a new edition: Enterprise Plus. This edition features the two cornerstone innovations of the release: Built-In WAN Acceleration and Backup from Storage Snapshots. Enterprise Plus offers other features that I’ll mention later, but it’s important to note that time is running out for the free upgrade to the new edition.

We don’t want you to miss out on this special opportunity.

Here’s how it works. If you are currently an Enterprise customer of Veeam Backup & Replication, you can upgrade your license to Enterprise Plus for free through November, 15 2013. This will put the sockets of Veeam Backup & Replication that are Enterprise Edition (that are active on support) to Enterprise Plus. Note that when you transition licenses to Enterprise Plus they will incur the software maintenance at that level when you are due to renew.

If you want to upgrade, simply log into the Veeam Licensing Portal to upgrade to Enterprise Plus and gain access to the new features.  The only requirement is that you purchased Enterprise Edition or upgraded to Enterprise Edition before July 1st 2013 to be eligible. When you log into the customer portal, if you are eligible you will see a box stating so as shown below:


You simply follow the process there and you’ll have new licenses available at Enterprise Plus!
If you are not sure if you want to upgrade to Enterprise Plus, that’s understandable. Simply in regards to the new features, this is the list of features that come with Enterprise Plus (Full list of the new features is here) compared to the other editions with a few highlights:

Let’s break down these key areas of differentiation, as a solid grasp of these differences will enable you to make the best decision on whether or not to upgrade.

Built-In WAN Acceleration

The Built-In WAN Acceleration works in conjunction with the Backup Copy Job to get the VM restore points off-site to build Veeam backup files (.VBKs) on a different storage resource. Enterprise and Standard edition installations of Veeam Backup & Replication can still do the Backup Copy Job, however the WAN Acceleration engine is not in place. The transfer would not have the caching, block fingerprinting, optimization for disconnections in network connectivity and other features when writing the VMs and their restore points off-site. More information on the Built-In WAN Acceleration can be found here in a short video, blog post, and webinar.

Backup from Storage Snapshots

This feature for VMware environments allows very low-impact backups by preparing the guest virtual machine with our application-aware processing and a VMware snapshot, taking a storage snapshot,  removing the VMware snapshot and then transferring the data to the backup file. There are a lot of additional steps that come with this feature, including the fact that it retains CBT data and does not require the storage snapshot to be mounted on the host. This feature currently supports HP StoreVirtual and StoreServ products (LeftHand and 3PAR), with other array vendors coming soon. This is a plug-in module, so we can add array vendor support without re-releasing the product.  You can find more information on Backup from Storage Snapshots in this blog post and webinar.

Everyone asks: “Will my storage array vendor be supported with this feature?” It’s a reasonable question. We put a lot of effort into the approach for the feature, and we write the plug-ins for each type of array. We have three primary guiding principles to adding support for Backup from Storage Snapshots:

  • A good snapshot engine: It doesn’t make sense for us to build a great feature around an inferior storage snapshot implementation.
  • Good market share: We don’t want a good feature to go unnoticed.
  • Sales and marketing support from the storage OEM: Much like the development effort, the market strategy needs to be a joint initiative.

Self-Service Recovery of VMs and guest files

Our 1-Click restore engine was vastly improved from v6.x to v7. By allowing the web interface to restore both files and VMs; you can open up a number of different services to your stakeholders. The best part is that this feature allows the restore scenarios (files or VMs or both) to selected identities, such as an Active Directory group or User. This also can be contained to different parts of the infrastructure, so a development team can only restore the VMs on their approved lists, which are either a list of VMs or contained in an organizational construct such as:

  • Selected Hyper-V or vSphere hosts
  • Selected vSphere datastores
  • Selected SCVMM or vSphere Clusters
  • Selected resource pools
  • Selected vApps (vSphere or vCloud Director)
  • Selected Organizations or Organizational VDCs
  • vSphere folders
  • A list of VMs
  • And more!

The best part of this feature is that it can be done with the following controls:

  • Access to the guest VM's file system for file recovery is not required
  • Files can be restored without the person restoring the file having the ability to see, access or download the file
  • Access to the vSphere or Hyper-V infrastructure is not required
  • Access to the Veeam backup console is not required, only a web interface

Task automation

The final point I’ll highlight is the automation available with the RESTful API. The RESTful API works very much in conjunction with the self-service recovery, which would help any automation preferences you may have around the recovery engine with a portal you have.

Make a decision now!

The free upgrade is a limited time offer and it is truly a good investment to move up. By way of our previous releases; we’ve increased features through subsequent releases (4.x -> 5.x -> 6.x) for our Enterprise installations and it’s natural to expect that we’d do that for future releases for Enterprise Plus. Also, consider the recent history with version 6.x; there were a lot of new features added in 6.1 and 6.5 that put VM administrators in a good position to be at the highest licensing level as point releases come out.

Do you have any questions on this process? Share a comment below or talk to your sales team. We don’t want you to miss out on this special opportunity!

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