The funny thing about IT is that no matter how many technology advances come out, some core practices never go away. I’m talking about data protection, as things can still go wrong. In fact, they can go wrong with larger consequences much quicker now. With so many changes over the years in the modern data center, what can we do to address our protection requirements and meet stakeholder expectations?

That can be a tough question to answer when we consider the scope of changes and the pace at which new workloads are deployed. Incredible technologies such as Hyper-V and vSphere virtualization, coupled with unified computing technologies and superior management have made it very easy to respond to the needs of business today. Companies are enjoying an agile infrastructure, but what about the protection needs? The need for data protection doesn’t go away, and that’s where Veeam is a great fit for today’s Modern Data Center.


This week, Veeam will be exhibiting at Cisco Live Europe in Milan (Stop by our booth #G13 if you will be there!). This marks the first large event engagement with Cisco where we can talk with service providers and users of all sizes about the benefits of using a unified compute and management infrastructure with a data protection solution that meets the needs of the business. If you aren’t attending Cisco Live Europe, I’ll be doing a webinar version of my breakout session “5 Successful VM Data Protection Strategies on Cisco UCS”; so be sure to join me there. The session is BRKGS-2529 and is Wednesday afternoon in Milan.

Whether the need is for an end user, as was the case in the webinar, or for service providers; Veeam and Cisco UCS work well with virtualized environments. Cisco recently published a case study featuring iland’s enterprise-class cloud computing and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering. You can download this case study here. You can also read some analyst collateral on iland’s DRaaS offering here, and the service leverages Veeam.

The takeaway here is that companies have high expectations for levels of service, and when things go wrong the expectation is just as high. Key data protection technologies such as Instant VM Recovery, advanced replication, agentless backups, storage agnostic backups and more make Veeam a great fit to use with UCS and other converged technologies.

What steps have you taken to modernize your data center? Have you invested in converged compute, networking and management? Have you invested in Veeam? Have you virtualized all the way? Share your strategies below.

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