In the digital age, data is gold. With global data growth projected to reach 180 zettabytes by 2025, we are on the threshold of a digital gold rush of epic proportions. The challenge is how do you extract the most value out of your digital assets when data is disbursed across on-premises and public-cloud infrastructures? Likewise, how do you ensure the Availability of your critical business applications and data in an increasingly hybrid-cloud world?

Maria Olson, VP of Strategic Alliances at NetApp and Andy Vandeveld, VP of Alliances at Veeam, discussed how NetApp and Veeam are helping organizations like the Denver Broncos, Telefonica and many others with their digital transformation initiatives. In the hunt for digital gold, these organizations are leveraging NetApp’s Data Fabric capabilities in conjunction with Veeam, to simplify data management and IT operations, enhance Availability, lower costs and create a more seamless digital experience for customers, partners and end users.

In their discussion on theCUBE, Olson and Vandeveld stated that organizations are looking for the following:

  1. Simplified IT and Always-On application capabilities
  2. Help with digital transformation
  3. Flexibility

Digital transformation requires flexibility and choice. ONTAP is at the heart of the Data Fabric. It’s the operating system that powers NetApp core storage technologies. ONTAP can be deployed on engineered systems like FlexPod and All-Flash FAS in the data center or can be implemented on commodity white box infrastructure in remote office locations. Likewise, it can be deployed as a software-defined solution in AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud or in one of many NetApp and Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partner environments. And, with Veeam’s direct integration with ONTAP, businesses gain IT simplicity while ensuring the Always-On Availability of those workloads regardless of the location or the underlying infrastructure they reside on.

With respect to flexibility, Vandeveld said: “…customer consumption models are changing. They’re running on-prem in a private cloud, running in a public cloud [or hybrid] ...no two looks the same. Customers are saying, ‘Let us decide how we are going to consume and you help accommodate that consumption.’ They want flexibility and that’s what they’re asking us to provide.” Olson added, “One of the things that I love about the relationship with NetApp and Veeam is that we’re embracing cloud, we’re not fighting cloud. We have multiple offerings in terms of storage and data management across all of the new and emerging cloud players and the existing ones.” The combination of ONTAP and Veeam provides the flexibility and choice businesses need to leverage the best of hybrid-cloud solutions to accelerate the digital transformation journey.

When asked about how NetApp and Veeam measure the success of the partnership, Olson talked about the need for strong alignment. “You have to have alignment on what set of solutions you’re going to go out there and build.” She also talked about the need for an aligned go-to-market plan that includes a comprehensive, channel-focused strategy with the people and culture that can consistently execute on the plan.

Vandeveld tagged on to Olson’s remarks by commenting, “We have strong alignment at the executive level. You need to have that strategic vision. Another strong metric for Veeam is our NPS (customer satisfaction) score of 73. It’s off the charts. That doesn’t happen if you aren’t delivering the right solutions with the right set of partners. That’s just another metric of how successful these partnerships are; particularly the one we have with NetApp.” Olson added, “NetApps’ NPS is 64 which is way up there as well. So that’s another area we are very aligned!”

Through NetApp ONTAP, organizations have a simple yet powerful way to manage, move, share and protect data, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. And, with Veeam’s direct integration with ONTAP, businesses can ensure the Availability and protection of their digital gold. Together, Veeam and NetApp provide greater IT simplicity, flexibility and Always-On Availability so that organizations can run application workloads wherever the business demands — on-premises, in the public cloud or a combination of both — to ensure they hit digital pay dirt.

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