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Here at Veeam, we are constantly pushing the envelope of innovation in the world of virtual machines. We have built world-class tools to monitor, manage, backup and restore your VMs. This week we introduce another great innovation and this time it’s for Microsoft Exchange 2010. This product is in limited beta release, and we want you to test it! Read on and we’ll explain exactly how you can get an invite.

Application workloads running on virtual machines have become increasingly more common. Great tools like Veeam Backup & Replication will back up those application workloads and provide an opportunity for restoration, but the IT Pros of the world who administer Microsoft Exchange are looking for a little something more. Veeam Explorer for Exchange offers something more.

Instant visibility

Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange gives you instant visibility into your Exchange backups. You can browse, search and selectively export items (emails, notes, contacts, etc.) directly from Veeam backups of your Exchange virtual machines (VMs).


Veeam Explorer for Exchange works directly with your Exchange VM backups—even compressed, deduplicated and incremental backups. There’s no need to provision storage or restore entire mailbox stores—just choose the Exchange Servers and restore points you’re interested in, and Veeam Explorer will present the contents of those mailbox stores for browsing, searching and export.


Veeam Explorer for Exchange is a new feature of Veeam Backup & Replication. Currently available as a beta, Veeam Explorer will be included in all editions of Veeam Backup—even Free Edition. You no longer need expensive standalone tools for Exchange item recovery that are licensed per mailbox.


Use Veeam Explorer for Exchange to find and retrieve information for internal or external investigations. The Advanced Find feature lets you zero in on exactly the items you need.

Item-level recovery

When users accidentally delete emails or scripts corrupt calendar items, you can save the day with Veeam Explorer for Exchange. Simply export a good version from a previous Veeam backup and transfer it to the affected user.

Mailbox archive

Veeam Explorer for Exchange makes it easy to archive an entire mailbox — from any point in time — to a PST file. This helps ensure a smooth, complete handoff when employees leave or change jobs.

So how do I get my invite?

It’s really easy! You can visit the Veeam website and read all about Veeam Explorer for Exchange and then click the Request Beta Button. You could also use the button at the top of this post.

Once we receive your request we will process it as quickly as we can and then send an invitation to test the product. We will do multiple rounds of testing so if you don’t get an invitation right away please be patient and we will make sure you get a chance to test this great tool in your Microsoft Exchange environment. Once you get an invite and have a chance to check it out, provide us some feedback on our forums and we might grant you more invites that you can share with friends. We look forward to working with each of you!

As an added bonus, we’ve even included a Veeam Backup file on the download page. This .VBK contains a sample Exchange database that you can use to check out Veeam Explorer for Exchange quickly, without having to first backup your own Exchange server. We’ve included some fun emails in there from a cast of characters that we’re sure you’ll recognize.

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