Mike & Maria’s Show: How to get started with Hyper-V

First, the good news. You do not need to be Satya Nadella to build your first Hyper-V environment. All you need is a distributive file of Windows Server 2008 or later and a couple of free hours to prepare for the Hyper-V installation process.

Now, the bad news. Hyper-V helps keep things simple, but you still need to learn some things. Being able to handle the basics of Hyper-V installation – pre-requisites, selecting the proper Windows Server edition (Standard vs. Datacenter vs. Hyper-V Server) and corresponding management approach (PowerShell, Command Line, etc.), and so forth – has become a critical skill in Modern Data Centers.

Watch this 1-minute video where Maria Levkina from Veeam talks about what’s necessary to get started with Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V.

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