If you’re a Veeam ProPartner then you should have received this update already but I wanted to get this out there for the rest of the world. As we move towards the next release of Veeam Backup & Replication which will include SureBackup, you will start to notice that we will have 2 versions, Standard and Enterprise. The idea behind offering 2 versions is to give customers a choice when purchasing, they may not want all of the features that will be included with Enterprise (at a higher price point).

So what does that mean for current customers? Will they get Standard or Enterprise if they’re current on maintenance? They answer is the choice is yours! Yes, for a limited time Veeam will be offering customers current on maintenance the choice of Veeam Backup & Replication 5.0 Standard or Enterprise once it’s released. This means that all of our current customers can rest easy and know that they’ll have the option of getting all the great new Virtualization-Powered Protection features that will be released later this year. Of course anyone who’s not a current customer but purchases Veeam Backup & Replication by 18 June 2010 will also be eligible for this offer.

If you’re not familiar with the Virtumania podcast put on by Rich Brambley and Mark Farley, be sure to check out Episode 6: “The Mean Green Veeam Team”, also available on iTunes. Rich and Mark invited David Siles and myself on to talk a little about Veeam and the virtualization market in general. I made an announcement about this offer on the podcast (right around 6:12).

What’s the difference?

While the exact details of the release a still being worked out, the table below details functionality that we know at this time to be included in Standard and Enterprise. You can also register for the upgrade here (along with more details on the offer): http://www.veeam.com/go/free-enterprise-upgrade

Feature Standard Enterprise Notes
Data Protection Modes
Backup clip_image002[362] clip_image002[363]
Replication clip_image002[364] clip_image002[365] 2-in-1: backup and replication for one price, in one cohesive solution; includes replica rollback and replication to/from ESXi
Hot VM copy clip_image002[366] clip_image002[367] Facilitates ad hoc backups and migrations
FastSCP™ clip_image002[368] clip_image002[369] Integrates Veeam FastSCP, the #1 file management tool for VMware administrators, into the operator console
vStorage APIs clip_image002[370] clip_image002[371] Highly efficiency and “future-proof” solution that uses the vStorage APIs for Data Protection
Changed Block Tracking clip_image002[372] clip_image002[373] Lightning-fast incremental backups to minimize backup windows and allow for more frequent replication
Multiple backup options clip_image002[374] clip_image002[375] Back up directly from SAN, over LAN, with virtual appliance, or direct from target
Centralized control of distributed deployment clip_image002[376] clip_image002[377] Includes Enterprise Manager, a web-based console that provides a consolidated view of your distributed deployment; includes federation of multiple backup servers, centralized reporting, and consolidating alerting
FastSCP clip_image002[378] clip_image002[379] Leverages Veeam’s proven FastSCP engine
Synthetic backup clip_image002[380] clip_image002[381] Eliminates the need for periodic full backups (provides “forever incremental” backup), thus saving time and space
SmartDedupe™ clip_image002[382] clip_image002[383] 10x space savings on backup storage
SmartCDP™ clip_image002[384] clip_image002[385] Near-continuous data protection (near-CDP) at a fraction of the cost of traditional CDP
Instant File-Level Recovery
Windows clip_image002[386] clip_image002[387]
Linux clip_image002[388] clip_image002[389]
Other clip_image002[390] clip_image002[391] Unix, Solaris, BSD, Mac
Indexing and Search
Windows guest file system indexing clip_image002[392] clip_image002[393] Creates an index (catalog) of all Windows guest files that have been backed up
Search across backups Current backups All backups
(current &
Quickly search for guest files across backups
Recovery verification Manual Automated
Advanced VSS support clip_image002[394] clip_image002[395]
Application-Item Recovery
Universal application-item recovery clip_image004[22] clip_image002[396] OS- and application-agnostic object-level recovery for application administrators
User-directed recovery clip_image004[23] clip_image002[397] Available for any application with a web front-end
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