Mike & Maria’s Show: Top 5 most important features of Microsoft Hyper-V

The latest versions of Windows Server and Microsoft Hyper-V include hundreds of features and innovations. If you decided to make a list of all the features you don’t know and practice diligently with each one, it would take months. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to this extent because focusing on just the most valuable Microsoft Hyper-V features can dramatically improve your proficiency.

In this short video, Mike Resseler, a 5-time MVP from Veeam shares his list of the most important Hyper-V features and provides an easy-to-understand explanation on each one. Mike recommends thinking about these features upfront before deploying your first Hyper-V VM.

Here is how his list looks:

  1. Generation 2 VMs
  2. Dynamic Memory
  3. Live Migration
  4. Hyper-V Replica
  5. Enhanced Session mode

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