What a busy start of the year! The first quarter of 2013 has come to a close, and we thought we’d start a new series here on the Veeam blog: the Veeam Content Roundup! We'll be bringing you the monthly highlights of what’s going on with Veeam, so you don't miss any important training series, updates, or product releases.

In March, you started hearing this: Modern Data Protection: Built for Virtualization. But what is Modern Data Protection? Well, it’s leveraging data protection tools that are right for your platforms. You use virtual machines; why not take a modern approach for your backups? See our new Modern Data Protection Video here:

March has been more than just Modern Data Protection, here’s a roundup of the other things we’ve been working on:

  • Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Sharepoint was announced as part of our announcements for Veeam Backup & Replication v7. Chris Henley did a blog post on the announcement and we had a press release. You can register for the beta here when it is public.
  • A great series of Whiteboard Fridays Events have been posted for replay. Sessions include: installation and configuration, advanced deployment and configuration, understanding and deploying replication architectures, configuring your first virtual lab, and understanding your recovery options. (Thanks for the great work Atlanta team!)
  • Veeam Backup & Replication v7 will also feature a vSphere Web Client plug-in for Veeam Backup & Replication. Rick Vanover did a blog post and webinar showcasing this upcoming feature which is available for replay now.
  • New work from ESG puts Veeam’s claims to the test in their newest Lab Review. This report is available for free download.
  • The Veeam 2013 Annual Data Protection Report as a free download. This report is a survey of 500 enterprises across the United States, UK, Germany and France on concerns and challenges with data protection.
  • Rick Vanover and Hans De Leenheer did a great webinar series for Veeam Backup Cloud Edition. The webinar is available for replay now.
  • Veeam is now on Pinterest! Pinterest is a great place to collect visually and we’ve pinned Veeam and virtualization-related content there. So, come check us out!

I think that’s it! Of course, you can keep engaging with us here on the blog, on Twitter and of course in the Veeam Forums.

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