Virtualizing Tier 1 applications presents a big opportunity for small and big business alike to reap the benefits of virtualization all the way to the application level of their organization. Benefits like mobility, resource allocation, workload customization, elasticity, automation, and high availability without high cost can all be had by virtualizing Tier 1 applications. Unfortunately virtualizing Tier 1 application workloads also brings with it the challenges associate with data protection, disaster recovery, monitoring, and management of the virtual infrastructure. Keeping your business up and running at all times is critical. Businesses today require 24/7 access to data, efficient management of exploding data growth and little tolerance for downtime. For years now Veeam has helped to enable virtualization of Tier 1 applications by overcoming these challenges through backup, replication, monitoring, and management of the VMs. Veeam enables the Always-On Business with solutions that deliver Availability for the Modern Data Center.

Almost 2 years ago Veeam introduced industry disrupting innovations to the virtualization of Tier-1 applications by adding Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft® Exchange to Veeam Backup & Replication. This first of its kind tool allowed access inside the Exchange EDB database file from within the Veeam backup file. This meant that a backup admin could now perform granular recovery of items from an Exchange database to a running Exchange server in minutes instead of hours, all without agents. In Veeam Backup & Replication v8 Veeam introduces additional functions for Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft® Exchange like the ability to recover hard deleted items that you thought were lost forever, support for recovery from Microsoft® Exchange Online archive mailboxes, and a web-based restore portal for help desk operators.

Veeam followed up with Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft® SharePoint which made it possible to backup and restore everything in your SharePoint environment. The MDF database is made available from within the backup file, and the backup admin has item level granular recovery capabilities to the running SharePoint servers again without agents. Excellent!

The Veeam innovations are still coming! With v8, Veeam disrupts the industry again by adding Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft® Active Directory and Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft® SQL. In both cases backup admins can get granular recovery of items from the Active Directory database and the SQL databases from within their backup files to their running virtual machines. Awesome!

Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft® Active Directory makes item-level recovery with Active Directory easier than ever. Instantly and easily recover individual Active Directory objects, entire containers, organizational units, user accounts and computer passwords. If you have ever faced the accidental deletion of a service account and needed to change the password on every server that used that account you know how hard that process is. With Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft® Active Directory it’s easy!clip_image002

Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft® SQL introduces some exiting database restore capabilities. And as always, this is done without the need of extracting or running a VM.

Veeam Explorer for Microsoft® SQL delivers an easy-to-use interface to restore your databases. Even if you don’t know where your database files are located, you can restore it with a 1-Click restore back to the original location. No more digging through a file-level system, no need to know where the database or log files are located. Restoring a database has never been so easy or fast, even if you are not a database administrator!

Veeam Backup & Replication v8 will add additional functionality to SQL backup. By providing SQL Transaction log backup, you will be able to backup your transaction logs on a regular basis delivering you great recovery point objectives (RPOs). In conjunction with Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft® SQL, you now not only have easy-to-use individual database recovery, but you also have easy-to-use point-in-time database recovery. How cool is that!clip_image004

But we didn’t stop there! If you are suffering from a bad transaction such as a table drop, a mass delete of records or any other problem with your data you can use Transaction level recovery. This feature allows you to do a precise restore just before the bad transaction. A great feature for your development and test environments, and while we all hope we don’t need this every day, this feature can make you the hero of the day when an issue has occurred.

And just like Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft® Exchange, Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft® SQL will have web-based restore options for application administrators.

With the addition of the Veeam Explorers™ for Microsoft® Active Directory and SQL Veeam continues to enable the virtualization of the 4 largest Tier-1 infrastructure applications. The Veeam Explorers also give administrators more powerful tools and better options for handling the challenges of data protection and recovery.

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