In case you're not registered on Veeam today announces the availability of Veeam Monitor 3.0 Beta. This beta includes a numer of enhancements over Veeam Monitor 2.1 including:

  • Enterprise Scalability and Support for Multiple VirtualCenters. Is your environment getting too large to be handled by a single VirtualCenter? Veeam Monitor can help. New performance optimization and a special monitoring mode allow for enterprise scalability and provide the ability to gather monitoring information from large VI deployments with multiple VirtualCenters – all from a single console.
  • Multiple New Alarm Sources. The following new alarm sources are available in Veeam Monitor version 3.0 for even more comprehensive monitoring and alerting.
  • Capacity Planning and Trend Analysis. Veeam Monitor's new Trend Reporting feature allows you to discover trends and do proactive capacity planning. Project how your virtual environment will grow over time; find out how resource usage is changing for a specified host, resource pool or datacenter; and plan upgrades or migrations based on what you learn.
  • Correlation of VI Events and Performance Data. Ever wondered about an unexpected resource consumption spike? Solve resource usage mysteries with new real-time monitoring graphs displaying known virtual infrastructure events, such as snapshot creation and deletion or backup activities directly on the performance graph.
    Suppression of Unwanted Alarms. Tired of being slammed with alarms during backup activities? You can now instruct Veeam Monitor to suppress alerts raised during known VI activities, such as backup or snapshot operations.
  • Drill-Down into VM. Want to research a possible rogue VM activity? The Veeam Monitor 3.0 provides you with the ability to drill down to an individual VM and find out what processes are running there, and how much CPU and memory they are consuming.
    Connect to a VM Directly from Veeam Monitor. Need to troubleshoot a VM that is not behaving as expected according to performance metrics? For your convenience, the Monitor 3.0 user interface features a new "Console" tab, which lets you connect to the VM console right from the Monitor interface.
  • Leverage VC history. No more waiting for monitoring data to be gathered before you can start working on it. When you connect to VirtualCenter for the first time, Veeam Monitor 3.0 fetches all historical performance and event data from it, giving you the ability to browse and analyze historical data immediately.

You can register and download here: Veeam Monitor 3.0 Beta

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