One of the most exciting parts of being an SE at Veeam is finding out how our clients are applying our innovative solutions. The following post focuses on some use cases that I've seen in the field for Veeam Reporter 4.0 part of the Veeam One Solution.

Veeam Reporter is like having time lapse photography of the configuration of your virtual environment. Most users schedule Veeam Reporter to collect configuration information from Virtual Center once a day.

Reporter pulls all of the configuration information available without using agents though the VIAPI and stores it into a SQL database. Once the data is collected, Veeam Reporter can produce numerous canned reports as well as exposing the data for customized reports leveraging SQL Reporting Services (SRSS). Add to this capability the integration with Veeam's no-cost value add solution Veeam Business View and you have a complete solution for reporting on your virtual infrastructure from both a technical and a business view.

So, with all this flexibility I often get asked what are clients doing with Veeam Reporter. I have compiled a top 10 list.

Reporter top 10 use cases:

  • DR Documentation
    • Schedule the off-line reports to place the Veeam .vmr file on a "first up" system to be recovered. This provides an efficient way to have a road map to re-build your VMware configurations.
  • Internal Customer Reports with Business View
    • Schedule VM metrics to be sent to line of business or application groups - These reports can be e-mailed or sent to a share for ingest into SharePoint, a Wiki, etc.
  • Change Management
    • Capture the configuration information of your VMware Environment. What Changed, who changed it, and what was it changed from - full audit trail
  • Compliance Documentation
    • Respond to internal / external audits in an automated fashion with organic data (offline report / infrastructure .pdf)
  • Visio Generation
    • Logical Visio's including shape data imbedded in the object. Quick, visual view into your virtual infrastructure from any point in time.
  • Time Lapse Photography for your virtual infrastructure
    • By capturing information on a daily basis clients use Visio diagrams in executive briefings to SHOW how their environment has grown over the last year.
  • Respond to "Squeaky Wheels"
    • If application teams complain that they are having problems and blindly blame virtualization, schedule performance reports to be sent to them daily demonstrating capacities.
  • Storage Capacity Reporting
    • Stay on top of storage utilization with automated reporting.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions / Data Center moves
    • Two common use cases we find is to quickly document a virtual environment in the case of a Merger or Acquisition. (Alternatively our Partners often use Veeam Reporter to perform assessments for clients)
    • Data Center moves - Several times our clients have used Veeam Reporter to capture changes during a DC move which represents a time of great change.
  • Capacity Planning
    • Determine based on current trends when additional resources will be required. Also, run through What-If Scenarios: (Would we be able to survive losing an ESX host, or 2, etc.)

Please let us know how you are using Veeam Reporter!

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