An interesting article from Storage Switzerland came into my inbox yesterday titled “VMware Backup: Feature or Platform” While Veeam is a client of Storage Switzerland as noted in the article, what impressed me about this article was how the author, George Crump, was able to sum up very nicely some of the things we’ve already been saying. Many of you may remember a previous blog post, “Will Dinosaurs Survive? (Response to: Will Dedicated VMware Protection Solutions go the way of CDP?)”, which was itself an answer to some bloggers calling virtualization focused backup vendors niche players.

One of the points I liked about the Storage Switzerland article was the entire history aspect of backup vendors…

In almost every case, when a new operating system or platform became dominant, a new data protection leader emerged. Novell NetWare begat Cheyenne Software, but as UNIX and Microsoft Windows NT emerged, this NetWare solution couldn’t make the transition to the new platforms. UNIX backup drove the establishment of Legato NetWorker (eventually EMC NetWorker) and Openvision NetBackup (eventually Symantec NetBackup). Microsoft Windows NT drove the establishment of Arcadia Backup Exec (eventually Symantec Backup Exec). Even CommVault, one of the more successful newer backup applications, was driven by the establishment of Windows as an enterprise, mission-critical operating system. In short, each new operating system or platform eventually brought a new data protection application.

This truly does show that it’s a great time to be a vendor focusing on the VMware platform (and virtualization in general). Expect more great things from Veeam as we continue to innovate on these virtualization platforms.

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