First off, it was a great week in Cannes and it was a great to finally meet many of the people I have gotten to know through Twitter. I'd list everyone here but then I might forget someone and I don't want to offend anyone 😉

Of course if you follow me on Twitter then you know I had some problems with my luggage. I was prepared for 1 day, but not 2. Luckily @Svenh from gave me a cool shirt in exchange for a sneak peek at the Veeam booth and the Solutions Exchange. My luggage finally arrived around 10:30 PM on Monday night, much to the delight of my co-workers.

The week started off with a bang onboard the Veeam party boat. There was a bit of an issue with the beer keg at first but once that was sorted out we quickly killed the keg and had to bring in more beer. While we did run out of beer/liquor more than once, we tried to quickly replenish. There was a good flow of people on and off the boat all night. Thanks everyone for stopping by and meeting the Veeam Teeam.

Some boat pics and videos:

@Depping, @JasonBoche and @GabVirtualWorld on the boat

@esloof posted a video of the party as well as many other VMworld Videos

After the boat party it was time to get ready for the actual VMworld conference. Unfortuneately I was too busy to attend any sessions but I did have the opportunity to talk to a lot of people. I was also granted a speaking slot because of Veeam's Gold sponsorship. I presented with Dan Pianfetti from Dell on how Dell uses Veeam solutions for their engagements. Thanks to everyone who attended and I'm sorry to all of you that weren't able to get was a full house!

After my session I was interviewed by, the video should be up in a few days/weeks.

I talked with many more analysts, press and partners. It was a great opportunity to get the Veeam story out there.

I was able to download so pictures off of @VMcarrie's camera and posted them to flickr.

Once again Robert Strong (@robertstrong) did a great job of magic and comedy at the Veeam booth. Here's a video of a trick he did for @Tom_Howarth. Below are some other videos posted during VMworld Europe:
@PaulShadwell posted this video
VMGuru.NL posted this video
@esloof rode with Robert on the way to the airport

Of course there was a lot of interest at VMworld around the entire Snuggie thing. I'm going to save Snuggie Gate for another post but here's a pic of @B_renda enjoying the Snuggie in her room.

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