For an upcoming whitepaper series, we have decided to mix things up a bit. Instead of us simply providing a list of management challenges; we’d like to hear from you! What is your biggest issue in managing your VMware vSphere (or VI3) environment? This is an opportunity to help us tailor the whitepapers specifically to your needs.

Our whitepapers are one part of the many resources we provide that are not entirely specific to Veeam products. The Veeam Community Podcast, featured webinars, and whitepapers focus on general virtualization technology topics and are meant to enable the Veeam community to be more equipped on the journey to virtualization bliss.

For the top VMware management challenges, help Veeam and VMware vExpert Eric Siebert determine what will be in this whitepaper. If your challenge is featured in our white paper, you can win your choice of one of the three books that we offer as prizes for our featured webinars.

Share your comments on what your challenges are in managing VMware vSphere environments, and we will roll all of the feedback into the whitepaper. Use the comments area below to enter your management challenges.

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  • One of my top challenges is identifying where exactly a problem is coming up with solutions rapidly when starting work at a new client site with little or no knowledge of their environment before hand. Tools like “RVTools”, Veeam Reporter (free edition) and vKernel Storgae View are never very far from my Bat Belt (or encrypted USB drive as it is also known) However, most of the problems I face are caused by clients using a virtualisation solution they do not fully understand and making bad configuration decisions because of this lack of understanding, I guess this means that the biggest challenge I face is convincing clients to ensure the staff responsible for managing their virtual environments have the correct level of training and understanding to adequately perform their job

  • Sandy Mackenzie

    My top challenge is backup. Backing up VM’s never seem to go smoothly. Changes in VMware tools, VSS,, snapshots issues seem to sporadically cause backup failures.

  • Grant Ballard

    Snapshots! Dirty Dirty Snapshots. They sneak in when I’m not looking and then I go to do something like a svmotion and bang! ugliness ensues.

    Other than that I’d like to see nitty gritty events and stuff in the vmkernel log (yeah, I knows it’s in messages) because when problems have occurred w/ storage that’s where things showed up. a realtime view like tail -f would be super helpful as well.

  • These are good things, keep the comments coming in!