Considering that many VMworld attendees are front-line IT system firefighters, a nightmarish scenario could unfold. While roaming the casino halls at some ungodly hour, a critical business system could suddenly crash and burn. How many of these folks are confident in their ability to quickly extinguish the flames through rapid VM recovery capabilities?

It is estimated that businesses lose $16M annually due to application downtime. Between lost revenue, lost productivity, lost business opportunity and lost credibility, the consequences of application service disruptions are enormous.

Perhaps it is no surprise then that in a recent IDC white paper, over 80% of 1,200 IT users surveyed indicated that faster recovery was the top reason for investing in VMware virtualization solutions.

IDC white paper

Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by Veeam, Veeam Drives Virtual Infrastructure Adoption and Service-Level Attainment, June 2016.

While many industry observers often point to lower costs as a prime business reason for betting the house on virtualized infrastructure, faster recovery, server consolidation and increased agility trumped cost savings by a large margin in IDC’s survey.

Perhaps even more telling is that those IT respondents with a higher degree of confidence in the resiliency and recoverability of their application environment, were likely to be much further down the path of being fully virtualized. And herein lies the key to accelerating the journey to private and hybrid cloud – a key initiative for many businesses.

The last mile of virtualization typically consists of mission critical platforms like order entry systems, business revenue generating applications, messaging systems, etc. These are typically the last hold outs to get converted over from physical to virtualized systems. The conventional thinking is that by dedicating physical (non-shared) resources to a critical application, performance and availability can be better ensured.

The irony is there may be a false sense of security with walling off critical applications into dedicated, silo’d infrastructure. For instance, the CPU and storage resources assigned to an application today may be woefully inadequate for that system tomorrow. Having the ability to quickly and non-disruptively migrate an application, via VMware’s server vMotion feature, to a system with more resources, is a decided advantage over a physical, “lift and shift” environment.

Likewise, if a mission-critical application were to go belly up, there are faster, more efficient and less painstaking ways to recover an application residing on a virtualized machine than one configured on a dedicated server.

In fact, there are VMware integrated recovery solutions, like Veeam Availability Suite, that can quickly spin up new VMs on premise or in the public cloud, while providing very low recovery point and recovery time objectives (RTPO). And from an IT administrative perspective, it doesn’t have to be a stressful, panic-stricken fire-drill.

In addition, through Veeam’s automated application recovery testing capabilities, IT organizations can demonstrate to their business stakeholders that critical applications, whether physical or virtualized, will continue to meet service levels even in the event of an outage.   

And while the IT team is in Vegas, the last thing you want to do is roll the dice on the ability of your applications to quickly recover following an outage. You want this process to be smooth, fast and predictable.

Perhaps it’s easy to see then that application recovery, or better put, application availability, plays an integral role in any organization’s virtualization strategy. Now if we could only recover as quickly from a Vegas fueled night out on the town.

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