Mike & Maria’s Show: Windows Server with Hyper-V system requirements

Knowing system requirements for Windows Server Hyper-V can help you with the Hyper-V installation, deployment and configuration process. However, even if you don’t remember what exact hardware components and software applications are required, this 1-minute video by Maria Levkina from Veeam can help make up for that.

CPU: Windows Server with Hyper-V requires a 64-bit processor that includes hardware-assisted virtualization and hardware-enforced data execution prevention

RAM: Windows Server with Hyper-V requires 512 MB of RAM at minimum

Disk space: 32 GB of free disk space is the recommended amount for the smooth operation of Windows Server with Hyper-V in Core mode (do not forget to include 4 GB additionally if you plan to use GUI.)

Integration Services: Should be up-to-date

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