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Bill Largent , CEO

Danny Allan, CTO & SVP, Product Strategy

Jim Kruger, CMO

Gil Vega, CISO

Dave Russell, VP, Enterprise Strategy

Rick Vanover, Sr. Director, Product Strategy

Andreas Neufert, VP, Product Management - Alliances

David Harvey, VP, Business and Corproate Development

Product specialists

Rick Vanover, Sr. Director, Product Strategy

Anthony Spiteri, Senior Technologist

Melissa Palmer, Global Technologist

David Hill, Global Technologist

Mike Resseler, Director of Product Management

Luca DellˊOca, Cloud & Hosting Architect


Daniel Fried, General Manager (GM) and Senior Vice President (SVP) of EMEA and Worldwide Channels

Gilles Pommier, Vice President (VP), Channel and Alliances, EMEA

Graham Crich, Vice President (VP), Cloud, EMEA

Massimo Merlo, Vice President (VP), Enterprise, EMEA

Patrick Rohrbasser, Regional Vice President (RVP), Southern EMEA and Africa

Dan Middleton, Regional Vice President (RVP), UKI

Ronald Ooms, Regional Vice President (RVP), Benelux

Vasily Vaganov, Regional Vice President (RVP), North-Eastern EMEA and Middle East

Thierry Lottin, Country Manager, France

Andrea Vingolo, Country Manager, Italy

Kursad Sezgin, Country Manager, Turkey

Mario Zimmermann, Country Manager, Austria

Douglas Chechele, Country Lead, Switzerland

Vladimir Klyavin, Regional Director, Russia, CIS, Ukraine and Georgia

Victor Engelbrecht Dohlmann, Director Commercial Sales, Sweden and Denmark

Andrzej Niziolek, Regional Director, Poland, Croatia and Romania

Martin Stetka, Regional Director, Czech Republic, Slowakia and Hungary

Claude Schück, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East

Edwin Weijdema, Global Technologis


Anthony Spiteri, Senior Technologist

Nathan Steiner, Head of SE ANZ

Masakiyo Furudate , VP Japan

Sandeep Bhambure, VP India

Gary Mitchell, VP ANZ

Macro Zhang, Senior Director, China

Belinda Jurisic, Senior Director, APJ Channels

Dean Cunningham, Senior Director, APJ Alliances


Elder Jascolka, Country Manager, BR

Rodrigo Aliaga, Director Channel Managament, BR

Abelardo Lara, Country Manager, MX

Sara Wilson, Channel Manager

Adriana Bueno, Channel Director, MX

Aaron Sanchez, Corporate Account Manager, MX

Martin Colombo, Sr. Regional Director, ARG

Dmitri Zaroubine, SE Manager, ARG

Rodolfo Dietz, Territory Manager for Enterprise Accounts, ARG

Ricardo Marino, Field SE


Matt Kalmenson , VP, Regional Cloud

Paul Strelzick, SVP, Americas