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Commvault users tell us they require a better alternative for their Availability needs. They say that Commvault's legacy approach using dated interfaces, agents and inflexible licensing simply does not meet their needs.

Customers say that Veeam innovates quickly, keeping pace with industry change. They say that Veeam's purpose-built solution feels far more grown-up when it comes to overall product usability and quality: Providing straightforward, fast, reliable, backup and restore for virtual machines, files, application-items, monitoring and reporting—and more.

Commvault was designed in the 90s for applications of yester-year and retrofitted to support modern workloads. While it is possible to make Commvault do whatever you want, there is a reason their business thrives on consulting - prepare to micro-manage your backup product when using Commvault. Veeam offers a sophisticated simplicity, taking the pain out of managing your backup infrastructure. Join the light side, and try Veeam Availability Suite today, to see what you've been missing!

Commvault vs Veeam:

Five reasons to switch to Veeam Availability Suite

1. Availability beats legacy backup

Сommvault was founded in the 1980s and it shows. Complex interfaces and deployment practices that require extensive professional service engagements have no place in today’s digitally transforming world.

2. High-speed recovery

While Сommvault only recently brought their instant recovery feature out of beta, Veeam has been busy perfecting the process we invented and patented years ago. Veeam's Instant VM Recovery® has been proven by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide to lower RTOs of full VM restores to mere minutes.

3. Data loss avoidance

Commvault offers multiple ways to backup and restore your data—as long as you plan on paying extra for the capabilities. With advanced Availability features such as WAN Acceleration, orchestrated failover for VM replication, and Veeam Cloud Connect, Veeam can ensure that your remote offices, as well as your largest enterprise data centers are fully protected.

4. Verified recoverability

Commvault does not offer a simple way to ensure the recoverability of VMs. With Veeam’s SureBackup® and SureReplica technologies, you can automatically test and verify every protected VM for recoverability by running the VM directly from a backup file or replica.

5. Leveraged data

Legacy solutions such as Commvault treat the entire data protection process as a manual burden for IT staff. State-of-the-art alternatives like Veeam allow you to put your backups and replicas to work. While Commvault is beta testing a very limited virtual lab feature in live customer environments, Veeam's Virtual Lab has existed for years, giving administrators an On-Demand Sandbox™, allowing them to troubleshoot issues with an environment that mirrors production, test new applications and train staff, all without impacting business operations—resulting in massive cost savings.

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Veeam vs Commvault

Five technical differentiators

Veeam Commvault
Agentless, all-in-one image-based backup, replication, monitoring and capacity planning
Automatically verify the recoverability of every backup, every virtual machine (VM), every time.
Agentless recovery for AD, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL and Oracle
Agentless backup and recovery from storage snapshots
Built-in WAN Acceleration

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