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Veeam Chooses 50 Top EMEA Partners for New Accredited Service Partner Distinction

New two-year exclusive program rewards most qualified and strategic partners who will provide high-level Veeam-based Professional Services and help drive Cloud Data Management across EMEA

COLUMBUS, Ohio: September 30, 2020: Veeam Software, the leader in Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management, today announced its top 50 Veeam Accredited Service Partners (VASP) as well as additional enhancements to the Veeam ProPartner Program for VASPs. Veeam will collaborate closely with selected partners who are delivering a broader range of professional services and technical implementations to better serve Cloud Data Management requirements and drive high customer satisfaction. The VASP distinction has been issued only to partners with the highest level of expertise and knowledge of Veeam solutions.

The Veeam 2020 Data Protection Trends Report found that EMEA businesses have been prevented from moving forward with Digital Transformation due to barriers such as a lack of IT staff skills (47%) and restrictions caused by legacy technology systems (39%). Yet as the IT industry continues to grow at a relentless pace and with Digital Transformation spending expected to approach $7.4 trillion between 2020 and 2023, Veeam recognizes the increasing demand for experts that can deliver increasingly complex deployments, adapt to changing business needs and build strategic partnerships with businesses of all sizes.

The select VASPs will receive exclusive access to resources and tools, as well as Veeam Subject Matter Experts for professional guidance on project validations, architecture and design review. Furthermore, the VASPs will enjoy greater visibility to Veeam customers looking for service partners and receive dedicated training opportunities such as free VMCE courses based on a minimum number of service delivery engagements per half year.

“Businesses are more reliant on digital infrastructure than ever before. With Digital Transformation a strategic focus for EMEA businesses, partners need to remove the complexity and solve more strategic challenges, while also delivering a broader range of services,” said Daniel Fried, GM and SVP, EMEA, and Worldwide Channels, Veeam. “By investing in our most active and highly qualified partners and leveraging their expertise through the VASP program, we can support our customers seamlessly in all geographies across EMEA and have them understand and experience much better the benefits they can get out of Cloud Data Management and also deepen our relationships with them.”

To help businesses deliver their Digital Transformation initiatives, partners are broadening their portfolios to deliver the benefits of Cloud Data Management and becoming the strategic digital advisors customers need to succeed. Veeam will work alongside its VASP community, as well as its broader ecosystem of partners, to help achieve this.

All 50 VASPs meet mandatory requirements on technical expertise and Veeam certifications, dedicated professional services staff and history of successful Veeam implementations. Each VASP is assigned a dedicated Veeam Technical Leader to help maintain the required skills and capabilities.

Supporting quotes

“The enhancements to the VASP Program will help Veeam’s most productive partners address the digital transformation and Cloud Data Management needs of its customers. Partners are expanding their offerings to meet these needs, and Veeam is investing in its partner community to support this process, increasing access to its own knowledge and expertise to become true strategic advisors. This is a great example of Veeam, as a 100% channel business, evolving its offering to align with the strategies of its most valued partners and to continue to provide excellent support to its customers.” – Christopher Webber, Research Director, Strategic Alliances, IDC

“Being  a VASP partner is a great recognition from Veeam and a huge compliment for me and our team. We have been able to work with Veeam partners and customers better than ever. Our core business is to implement virtualized data management systems that just work, like Veeam does. We are looking forward to achieving great business results with Veeam for years to come”. - Patrick Louwe, MD and founder, IT2Grow

“We are proud to be one of the top 50 EMEA companies who have joined the VASP Program. It provides real potential in terms of education for our team to increase their expertise to always deliver the best-in-class professional services, a power boost for our business opportunities and promotion and strengthens our partnership with Veeam. Our collaboration is more important as customers and their needs become more and more demanding: that’s where we love to make a difference.” – Andrea Mauro, Chief Technology Officer, Assyrus

“At Jolera, our people are our strongest asset, so becoming a VASP is a great achievement for our team. We are looking forward to the challenge of delivering the best Professional Services to Veeam and using our 18 years of IT industry experience and, being a multinational technology hybrid aggregate service provider (HASP), to delivering IT solutions as-a-Service for our clients and channel partners.  We appreciate the opportunity Veeam has given Jolera and excited to continue to develop our partnership”. - José Martins, Vice President, European Sales and Operations, Jolera

Find out more about the Veeam ProPartner Program for VASPs, visit: https://propartner.veeam.com/vasp. To find a local VASP, visit: https://www.veeam.com/find-a-veeam-accredited-service-partner.html.