Veeam Training and Education Services

Veeam® Training and Education Services provides online training to help you understand Veeam products and learn how to use them in your daily job, no matter what your role is.

We offer training in two categories:

  • Business training for Veeam ProPartners
  • Technical training for users of Veeam products

Free Online Training

Gain a basic knowledge of Veeam products through online courses. You will see interactive demonstrations of the products, master most of the basic tasks and learn about the underlying technologies.

These courses are FREE.

VMCE Certification

Acquire a deep technical understanding through Veeam’s Certified Engineer (VMCE) program and certification exam. This certification ensures you have the necessary expertise to correctly architect, implement and configure Veeam Solutions.

Recommended prerequisite before attending the VMCE classroom is to follow the Free Online Training or the VMTSP certification.

ProPartner University

This online training helps ProPartners and systems engineers better understand Veeam solutions. Participants will acquire basic technical knowledge of Veeam products, learn how to position them and certify for VMSP or VMTSP status.

These courses are FREE and available to ProPartners only.