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Ponente: Sam Nicholls, David Hill, Vinh Pham

Watch this webinar with Vinh Pham, Systems Engineer and featured guests, Sam Nicholls and David Hill for this exclusive online event on July 23 to learn more about AWS + Azure‑native backup.

During this session you will learn more about secure cloud‑native backup and recovery from Veeam, and how it can work alongside your on‑premises data protection. Attend to:

  • Learn why and how you should be protecting your AWS and Azure data
  • Find out current and future integrations with Veeam® + Backup & Replication™
  • See a live demo of the platform of your choice

Following the discussion, Vinh will talk about v10, give you VeeamON updates and answer any questions that are important to you.


Ponente: Andrew Lickly, Alan Stearn
Duración: 43:59

Data is the most important asset for organizations. But for too many, their current data protection doesn’t deliver why they need. Legacy data protection is not meeting customers’ business needs leaving them behind. In this webinar from Veeam Software, you’ll learn how Veeam and Cisco are working together to address today’s most pressing data protection needs.
Ponente: Dave Russell, Gokul Sathiacama
Duración: 52:53

IDC Interviewed organizations with a solution set consisting of Veeam software combined with HPE Nimble Storage to understand, validate and quantify the value of the combined solutions. Please join Phil Goodwin, Research Director at IDC, Dave Russell, VP of Enterprise Strategy at Veeam Software, and xx, xx at HPE to learn more about the findings below: - 278% five-year ROI - Seven months to break even - 68% lower five-year cost of operations - 99.6 less unplanned downtime - And more!
Ponente: Jason Buffington , Melih İnan Pak, Greg Loughmiller, Ed Kulaga
Duración: 1:00:49

Business continuity is critical to companies’ survival.  Companies unable to maintain their customer relationships and revenue have a very high probability of failing.  As they rush to recover, they need an easy to implement, easy to use data protection and management system.  

Given the time pressure to restore their business, what are the keys that every IT manager needs to know about DR to protect their company data and their business.  This is the first of a two part series.

Watch this webinar to hear about:

  •  What is causing such rapid changes to data-protection requirements
  • What to consider when implementing a data protection solution for business continuity
  • Key capabilities necessary  
Webinar grabado
julio 20, 2020
Ponente: Rick Vanover, Andrey Zhelezko
Duración: 59:17

f you are not a database administrator, this doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing SQL Server backup and recovery. In this webinar, Rick Vanover from Veeam® will present on a number of capabilities for SQL Server that can give you amazing backup and recovery techniques that you can confidently do, even if you are not a database administrator. Whether it is migrating databases to new servers, restoring databases or recovering items, you can do it with ease. The key takeaways for this webinar include:

  • How to configure backups of SQL Servers and their logs
  • How to do advanced recovery options with ease
  • How you can migrate SQL data with Veeam
Ponente: Ronn Martin, Billy Hollis, Stuart Macrae
Duración: 1:04:05

Will remote workers ever return to the office? What started as a rush to support remote workers amid the pandemic is likely to become business as usual for most organizations. While this arrangement can benefit employers and employees alike, a swelling remote workforce puts new strains on IT departments charged with protecting sensitive data and infrastructure. The solution is an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement data protection and management system provided by Veeam + Lenovo.

In this conversational 60-minute webinar, data protection experts from Veeam, Lenovo and Next Version Systems will discuss:

Data protection requirements for a remote workforce
What to consider when implementing a data protection solution
Key capabilities of Lenovo Hybrid Cloud solutions

Ponente: Jason Buffington , David Huskisson
Duración: 50:05

Today’s enterprises revolve around applications yet traditional infrastructures are not keeping up with the changing performance and data protection requirements they require. Your business needs to utilize data in much more flexible ways and have simplified access wherever it resides.

Join Veeam and Pure Storage to learn how having the right infrastructure coupled with the right data protection can provide you confidence in your application performance, protection, and agility as you innovate your application centric business.

Webinar grabado
julio 03, 2020
Ponente: Sam Nicholls, David Hill
Duración: 57:21

Veeam’s® AWS‑native backup and recovery solution just got better!

Watch this webinar with demo to learn everything you need to know to protect your Amazon EC2 instances and the newest features that make Veeam Backup for AWS more cost‑effective, more powerful and easier than ever, including:

  • Snapshot replication
  • Changed block tracking
  • Application consistency
  • A public RESTful API
  • And more!
Ponente: Nigel Houghton
Duración: 1:00:00

In a recent survey, 82% of respondents admitted to having an availability gap. This is the difference between the business expectation of availability and that which can be achieved. This live show talks to industry technologists that look at solutions for the two most prevalent reasons for this gap, recovery performance and ransomware/malware attacks.

Join the VeeamLive show to watch a discussion from Pure Storage and Veeam® experts to learn about:

  • How to solve the ransomware recovery challenge
  • How to evolve beyond backup performance and storage efficiency to embrace rapid restore
  • How to generate of a greater ROI from your IT investment
  • How Pure Storage and Veeam’s seamless technology integration gives you a simple, reliable and flexible data management solution
  • Real-world success stories and performance results
  • And many more!
Ponente: Rick Vanover
Duración: 45:53

Simply saying “vSphere 7 is supported” may feel like a checkbox, but the reality is A LOT rides on this being a complete statement. In this session from Veeam®, see what full vSphere 7 support looks like. Things like backup, restore, replication, transport modes, failover and more are considerations that vSphere customers should keep in mind for platform support.

Join this webinar to learn these key takeaways:

  • Overview of scenarios for migrating from older vSphere versions to vSphere 7
  • Detailed review of VMware APIs for backup and how these are consumed
  • How you can get started on your vSphere migration with backup and recovery technologies
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