Veeam and N2WS: Accelerating Growth and Innovation

Yesica Schaaf,
Senior Director Cloud Marketing

Published date: November 27, 2018

Who can forget that wonderful line from Forrest Gump in which Hanks talks about the beginning of his friendship with Jenny and how since that day, they were like “Peas and Carrots?” That’s how we like to think of Veeam and N2WS.


Veeam, a company born on virtualization, is the clear leader in Intelligent Data Management with significant investments and growth in the public cloud space. As part of our strategy to deliver the most robust data management and protection across any environment, any cloud, we’re always looking at ways to innovate and expand our offerings.  And last year, we acquired N2WS, a leading provider of cloud-native backup and disaster recovery for Amazon Web Services (AWS); since the acquisition, Veeam and N2WS have accelerated N2WS’ revenue growth by 186% year over year, including 179% growth of installed trials of N2WS’ product, N2WS Backup & Recovery.


Today, N2WS announces version 2.4 of N2WS Backup & Recovery, which enables businesses to reduce the overall cost of protecting cloud data by extending Amazon EC2 snapshots to Amazon S3 for long-term data retention — reducing backup storage costs by up to 40%.


This latest release builds on the previous announcement where N2WS and Veeam launched new innovations to help businesses automate backup and recovery operations for Amazon DynamoDB, a cloud database service used by more than 100,000 AWS customers for mobile, web, gaming, ad tech, IoT, and many other applications that need low-latency data access. By extending N2WS Backup & Recovery to Amazon DynamoDB, businesses are now able to ensure continuous Availability and protect against accidental or malicious deletion of critical data in Amazon DynamoDB.


While the cloud delivers significant business benefits, based on the AWS shared responsibility model, businesses must still take direct action to guard data and enable business continuity in the event of an outage or disaster. We are now seeing unprecedented numbers of new customers turn to N2WS and Veeam to ensure their AWS cloud data is secure, including the University of Notre Dame, Cardinal Health and more.


As Veeam and N2WS continue to invest in the public cloud space, new innovations specifically designed for AWS environments will be available in early 2019, innovations that will deliver major advancements to customers across the globe. I’d love to share this with you now, but you’ll have to wait for Q1 2019 for the details.


But if you are at AWS re:Invent this week, please join our session “A Deeper Dive on How Veeam is Evolving Availability on AWS” on Wednesday, November 28 or visit us at booth #1011 throughout the week to hear more about our innovative approach to the public cloud, including where we are headed with archiving, mobility and more.


With Veeam’s momentum and growth across AWS data protection solutions, the company is well positioned as the market leader in Intelligent Data Management with an innovative focus on the public cloud. Ultimately, from being the peas and carrots and better together, we want to be the meat and potatoes for all our new joint customers where we are an integral part of their business and IT operations.

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