Welcome to VeeamON 2018

Peter McKay, Co-CEO and President


Published date: May 15, 2018

Throughout my career, I've always been keen to build business relationships. Thus, one of my favorite parts of any conference is the networking, and VeeamON is just the right place for that. We encourage everybody to exchange opinions and connect with each other, on the event floor as well as on Twitter or LinkedIn, during this three-day conference — I guarantee it's an investment that will be worth the effort!

I was honored to keynote the fourth VeeamON conference this morning here in Chicago, and to welcome over 2,200 attendees from around the world. Technology, powered by data, has changed our lifestyles and the way we interact with everything around us for good. Our mission at Veeam is to give people the confidence that their Digital Life will be Always-On. And, because technology and people needed a cross point, we created VeeamON, the premier conference for intelligent data management.

A tribute to our partners

Our partners are at the core of our innovation efforts and yesterday was a tribute to them — a day entirely focused on partners. There have been many fruitful collaborations and I'm looking forward to accomplishing more great things TOGETHER.

One of the main attractions of VeeamON conferences is the Expo Hall, where our sponsors have unrivaled marketing exposure and access to today's leading IT and business people. It’s a great opportunity for the attendees to connect with the industry innovators and, at the same time, it’s a great way for our sponsors to showcase their products and services. I’m grateful that our sponsors have chosen to join us in the journey of delivering the best Availability solutions on the market, and that they define the three main pillars of the Expo Hall: networking, innovation and opportunities.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to our customers, partners and employees. It's YOU who have made 2017 our best year so far, growing 36% over 2016 and reaching the amazing customer satisfaction score of 3.5x the industry average. I hope everyone has a great time during VeeamON 2018 here in the Windy City! Make the most out of it!

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