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Google Cloud backup and recovery

Secure Google-native backup and recovery that scales with your needs to overcome ANY data loss while controlling cloud costs


Back up 10 Google Compute Engine instances FREE

#1 Google Cloud Backup

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Veeam® continue to deliver a tightly integrated portfolio for protecting and managing hybrid-cloud data, inclusive of Google Compute Engine. While Google ensures the availability and reliability of Compute Engine resources for building and deploying production applications and services, the responsibility to secure and protect data is always yours, including backup.

NEW Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform provides secure Google-native backup and recovery that scales with your needs to overcome ANY data loss while controlling cloud costs. Easily deployable from the GCP Marketplace, you can protect your applications and data in minutes with purpose-built data protection from the industry leaders.

Simple yet powerful Google Cloud backup

Reliable Google Cloud backup

Google-native backup and recovery powered by policy-based automation to eliminate the risk of any data loss.

Cost-effective protection

Industry-first cost calculation and management tools to control costs and avoid cloud overspend.

Data security and compliance

Overcome internal and external security threats while ensuring compliant backup and archive.

Hybrid-cloud ready

Back up, recover and migrate Google workloads within GCP or to private and other public clouds.

Native. Cost-effective. Secure. Hybrid-ready.


Use native snapshots for frequent recovery points without the need for agents.

Simple setup

Easily deploy from the GCP Marketplace to start protecting data in just minutes.

Fully automated

Effortlessly protect all data – even at scale – with policy-based automation and labels.

Rapid recovery

Quickly overcome any data loss with flexible instance-, volume- and file-level recovery options.

Cost calculation

Avoid cloud overspend while still achieving SLOs with industry-first cost calculation.

Low-cost tiering

Automatically tier snapshots to object storage for low-cost retention and compliance.


Isolate backups from production to secure data against internal and external threats.

Permission checks

Easily validate and remediate cloud IAM permissions for backup and recovery operations.

App and data mobility

Unlimited data portability between GCP, on-premises and other public clouds.

How it works

  • Automate snapshots and backups
  • Recover in GCP
  • Recover out of GCP
  1. Policy-based automation of snapshots
  2. Tier snapshots to Google object storage
  1. Full Compute Engine instance or volume recovery in or out of place from snapshot
  2. Full Compute Engine instance  or volume recovery in or out of place from backup in object storage
  3. File-level recovery from snapshot
  4. File-level recovery from backup in object storage
  1. Backup copy job to on-premises backup repository
  2. Instant VM Recovery
  3. Recovery to on-premises VM
  4. Direct restore to AWS or Microsoft Azure

* Requires Veeam Backup & Replication v11 or later

Packaging and pricing

  Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform
Veeam Availability Suite™
(includes Veeam Backup & Replication™)

  Standalone cost-effective GCP-to-GCP backup and recovery Single platform for centralized multi-cloud data protection, management and cloud mobility

Google-native backup

Policy-based automation    
Full- and file- level recovery    
Backup / archive to Google Cloud Storage    
Backup cost calculator    
Cross-project / region security    
Centralized multi- / hybrid- cloud management    

Data portability, mobility and no

cloud “lock-in”

Advanced monitoring and analytics    

Portable Veeam Universal License (VUL)


Cost-effective standalone license

Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform is available exclusively through the GCP Marketplace in both Free and BYOL editions, deployed from the same listing.


Free edition






Backup 10 VM instances FREE
Best effort support


BYOL edition

$40 USD

per VM instance per year

Backup and recover in GCP only
Production 24/7 Support


BYOL edition


Portable licensing

Backup and recover anything, anywhere
Production 24/7 support

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I back up Google Cloud?

When discussing how to back up data for Google Cloud Platform, we’re mostly interested in cloud-native tools that allow us to protect compute engine instances (i.e., where VMs run) with Google-native snapshots.

There are native services in place that allow you to back Google Engine instances and there are many vendors that offer agent-based approaches for Google Cloud Platform backups. However, data protection in the cloud isn't always straightforward and leveraging limited or legacy backup methods can present challenges.

First, snapshots of Google Compute Engine instances are not real backups and can’t be leveraged for long-term data retention and recovery. Aged snapshots are also costly to keep in Google Cloud Storage for longer than a few days. Manual scripting for automatic snapshot scheduling for Google Cloud instances can quickly become very complex, especially in large environments.

Secondly, agent-based approaches for Google Cloud Platform backups aren’t the best options since agents require resource-intensive deployment. They are hard to scale appropriately and they take additional compute engine space.

Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform can automatically create and manage snapshots and backups of Compute Engine instances (and attached disks), including virtual machine (VM) configuration. Backup chains can be created with either image-level backups or with snapshots. First, a full snapshot is created and then each subsequent snapshot will only contain incremental changes. Veeam does not use agents to back up Google Cloud. Instead, the temporary instances, called workers, will be deployed only for the time it takes to generate Veeam backup image data from the snapshot or perform a restore.

Image-level backups can include full and incremental backups of your Google Cloud Platform data.

Snapshots and backups can be tiered and stored in Google Cloud Storage. Please keep in mind that it’s always a good practice to separate your backups from your production environment. Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform supports both cross-project and cross-region data tiering, which makes it easy to secure your backups.

In terms of recovery, Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform can restore files from both snapshots and backups, which makes file-level recovery fast and on-demand. During recovery, a worker instance will spin up and attach to a point-in-time within the Google Cloud snapshot or backup, which provides you a web console and file system where you can browse and restore any file you want. Recovery within Google Cloud Platform can be performed at the full- and file-level in just seconds.

Does Google Cloud Platform have a backup service?

In addition to ensuring the security and protection of the underlying Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform does provide native methods for performing backups of Google Compute Engine instances. These methods include functionality to create persistent disk snapshots or machine images. Snapshot chains include full and consequent incremental snapshots. It’s also possible to create a schedule for performing regular snapshots of your Google Cloud Platform data.

Google-Cloud-Platform-native tools also allow you to create full and incremental image files of a particular VM.

Once snapshots or VM images are created, the (cp) command is used to move these files from production to Google Cloud Storage.

These methods are handy for environments with a very small scale or ones that are designated for testing purposes. However, for bigger production environments, where performing against service level agreements (SLAs) is critical, it may be necessary to have different tools in place to ensure a robust backup and recovery strategy for Google Cloud Platform. Snapshots and images alone are not an optimal solution when you need longer retention or need to store aged snapshots for more than a few days, since this can get costly quick. Snapshots are also not automatically isolated from the production environment. This can create security and data loss risk in case of disaster. Lastly, if your Google Cloud Platform environment is set to grow, you require more profound recovery options that must include file-level recovery and scheduling options that aren’t just for snapshots.

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