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(formerly Tivoli Storage Manager)

Why switch?

Looking for better alternatives, IBM Spectrum Protect users are switching to Veeam because Availability shouldn’t have to be costly to acquire, difficult to install, or challenging to manage. Instead of sticking with the status quo, they switch because agentless backup should also mean powerful, fast, agentless restore—whether it’s for full VM images, guest files, or application items.

Your organization is Always On™. If IBM Spectrum Protect no longer meets your Availability goals, switch to Veeam and get unmatched management, complete virtual infrastructure visibility, unbeatable reliability, business continuity, and a sizeable return on your investment!

IBM Spectrum Protect vs Veeam:

Five reasons to switch to Veeam Availability Suite

1. Availability beats legacy backup

IBM Spectrum Protect descended from a research unit within IBM in the late 1980s. Although rebranded from IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, and retrofitted to handle virtualization, it was designed to back up systems with lots of acronyms that no longer exist. Your servers, storage, and networking have evolved—it's time to ditch the legacy backup.

2. High-speed recovery

Love agents? IBM Spectrum Protect has you covered. Requiring multiple agents, with an archaic licensing model that requires you to pay based on capacity or completely separately license products for granular recovery, Spectrum Protect customers are growing tired of being nickel and dimed to achieve the restores they require. Veeam’s completely agentless approach to backup, replication, and granular recovery ensures you can tackle virtually any recovery scenario without the additional overhead of agents.

3. Data loss avoidance

IBM Spectrum Protect was designed at a time where RPOs and RTOs were measured in days, not minutes. Availability means RTPOs™ of < 15 minutes to avoid data loss altogether. With advanced Availability features such as WAN Acceleration, orchestrated failover for VM replication, and Veeam Cloud Connect Veeam can ensure that your remote offices, as well as your largest enterprise data centers are fully protected.

4. Verified recoverability

IBM Spectrum Protect has decades of experience protecting physical systems. Unfortunately for their customers, that experience doesn't translate to a robust VM Availability solution that enables automated testing for recoverability. With Veeam’s SureBackup® and SureReplica technologies, you can automatically test and verify every protected VM.

5. Leveraged data

Legacy solutions such as IBM Spectrum Protect treat backups as a necessary burden on IT staff. Veeam's Virtual Lab gives administrators an On-Demand Sandbox™ to troubleshoot issues, test new applications and software patches, and train staff on a working copy of a production environment without impacting business operations.

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Veeam vs IBM Spectrum Protect

Five technical differentiators

Veeam IBM Spectrum Protect
Agentless, all-in-one image-based backup, replication, monitoring and capacity planning
IBM Spectrum Protect
Automatically verify the recoverability of every backup, every virtual machine (VM), every time.
IBM Spectrum Protect
Agentless recovery for AD, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL and Oracle
IBM Spectrum Protect
Agentless backup and recovery from storage snapshots
IBM Spectrum Protect
Built-in WAN Acceleration
IBM Spectrum Protect

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restore scenarios
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ICT Manager
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