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Maggio 09, 2019
Speaker: Andy Yin
Durata: 56:11

Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have unique needs, but they still have high expectations for the services that support their business. Can SMBs do more than just backup and have it all when it comes to Availability? The answer is yes.

Join this webinar to see how Veeam® can empower SMBs with:

  • Affordable Availability for any budget size
  • Technologies that grow and scale with SMBs and come in many different configurations
  • Physical workloads are supported by bare metal recovery for servers and workstation protection
  • Simple, reliable and flexible licensing for deployment and on-going operations
  • And more!
Speaker: Bill McKinley, Anthony Spiteri
Durata: 39:47

One thing is certain about data today — it’s growing exponentially. With this rapid increase of data created by organizations, it’s no surprise that challenges such as storage capacity and cost are starting to take hold. In addition, compliance requirements are requiring businesses to hold onto data for longer and longer. It is your mission to manage data growth, while also addressing compliance requirements.

To achieve this mission, you need a partner who not only has your back, but who also knows exactly how to address all these challenges.

Join this webinar with Veeam’s product experts to learn more about NEW Veeam® Cloud Tier, which:

  • Provides infinite capacity through native integration with Azure Blob storage
  • Frees up your local storage with long-term retention in affordable object storage
  • Help you avoid double charges and vendor lock-in

As organizations continue their Digital Transformation efforts, their data center environments will also need to undergo continuous transformation to keep pace with organizational shifts. Even more challenging, the concept of the “data center” itself is undergoing its own transformation as organizations continue their hybrid and multi-cloud endeavors that augment their on-premises systems.

How can organizations ensure seamless fluidity in a multi-cloud environment, while also simplifying IT, reducing risk and lowering costs?

In this on-demand webinar, you will:

  • Understand the inefficiencies and risks of legacy systems
  • Learn how to transform your data center by using modern data management solutions
  • Hear about how Veeam® data protection combined with NetApp Data Fabric can solve your data center challenges, today and in the future
Speaker: Andrew Zhelezko, Edward Watson
Durata: 37:14

As more businesses look to move workloads to the cloud, they can encounter challenges and constraints with their current data management solutions. In fact, 47% of IT leaders are concerned that their cloud workloads are not as portable as intended. It is your mission as an IT guru to obtain workload portability in the cloud.

Join this webinar and learn more about NEW Veeam Cloud Mobility, which:

  • Allows you to take any on-premises, physical and cloud-based workloads and move them directly to the cloud
  • Provides easy workload portability, business continuity or test and dev in the cloud
  • Is only a 2 step process to restore to Azure and Azure Stack.
  • And more!
Webinar registrati
Aprile 25, 2019
Speaker: Rick Vanover, Nicolas Bonnet
Durata: 35:37

With the release of the new Windows Server 2019 version, IT pros around the world face difficult questions: What do I need to know before upgrading? What are the key ? What is the safest way to upgrade? And most important: How do I prepare now for leveraging Windows Server 2019?

In this insightful webinar with Veeam® Sr. Director Product Strategy, Rick Vanover, explains:

  • New Windows Server 2019 features
  • How to upgrade to WS2019
  • Testing migrations to Windows Server 2019
  • And more!
Speaker: Niels Engelen, Russ Kerscher
Durata: 57:10

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is quickly becoming one of the most rapidly adopted products in Veeam history!

Watch this session with Niels Engelen, Global Product Evangelist, and Russ Kerscher, Global Sr. Product Marketing Manager, as they discuss what’s NEW in Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v3 including:

  • Up to 30x faster backup for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business
  • Improve security for Office 365 backup data with multi‑factor authentication
  • Enhance visibility and analytics with Office 365 data protection reports
  • And much more!
Webinar registrati
Aprile 01, 2019
Speaker: Rick Vanover
Durata: 29:16

Ransomware is a real and present danger for organizations everywhere – and schemes are becoming more sophisticated all the time. The consequences of not being prepared are serious and costly. But you can thwart the cyber criminals to protect your data and your company by taking the right approach to backup.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The latest ransomware threats
  • The 3-2-1-0 rule and why it is important
  • How organizations have outsmarted the cyber criminals
Speaker: Shawn Lieu, Jason Leiva
Durata: 1:00:12

Since VMware vSphere 5.5 is now no longer supported, what happens if you are still running this in production?

Speaker: Nelson Simao, Vishwajeeth Venkatesh, Nathan Steiner
Durata: 1:03:23

Join us for this webinar to learn how Veeam® is expanding its leadership in cloud data management by delivering breakthrough capabilities with the NEW Veeam Availability Suite™ 9.5 Update 4, including:

  • Unlimited capacity for long-term data retention with native, cost-effective object storage integration with the NEW Veeam Cloud Tier
  • Achieve easy portability and recovery of any on-premises or cloud-based workloads to AWS, Azure and Azure Stack with NEW Veeam Cloud Mobility
  • Increased security and compliance, including General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), with the newly-enhanced Veeam DataLabs™
  • And much more!

Find out how the Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform™ gives enterprises like yours market-leading agility, Availability and business acceleration advantages. Don’t miss the chance to experience first-hand these new capabilities, enabling you to deliver Intelligent Data Management for your business!

Speaker: Martin Plesner-Jacobsen
Durata: 57:53

In the era of digital transformation, data is playing a more important role than ever. IT managers are constantly searching for IT solutions that provide a competitive advantage. That’s why most enterprises are adopting a multi-cloud strategy.

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