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Novembre 11, 2019
Speaker: Kevin Ridings
Durata: 27:38

Organizations must be cloud ready in order to compete in today’s modern world. Veeam® enables data-driven organizations by providing new capabilities such as cloud data retention, data portability and increased security and compliance, especially for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Watch this on-demand webinar recording to learn how Cisco and Veeam combine the best hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and cloud data management solutions to deliver on the promise of a modern, agile and multi-cloud data center that your organization needs.

Webinar registrati
Ottobre 30, 2019
Speaker: Dmitry Kniazev, Kirill Zverev, Vishwajeeth Venkatesh
Durata: 59:53

There are a lot of game-changing features in every release of Veeam® Backup & Replication, whether it be native object storage integration, SAP HANA support or built-in backup testing. However, besides these obvious heavy-lifters, there are many other features that are specifically designed and constantly improved to make a backup administrator’s daily life easier.

Let’s see if any of these sound familiar:

  • How to I create quick, on-demand restore point and not disrupt any existing backup policy?
  • How to archive and export just one single VM?
  • How to exclude deleted file blocks from my backup?

If these questions are on you mind — great news! All that and more is covered by Veeam!

Dive deeper in this educational technical session, where we showcase particular features that help backup admins to go through the day-to-day routine with ease!

Speaker: Dustin Albertson
Durata: 49:40

Best Friends Animal Society’s mission is to save animals’ lives. The organization is based in an isolated location in Utah yet works with other agencies across the country—a fact made possible by the cloud.

Learn how Best Friends Animal Society ensures its VMware environment and critical data is protected using the Veeam Availability Suite, including Veeam Cloud Tier, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The solutions enable Best Friends Animal Society to experience a 99.98% backup success rate.

Veeam and AWS enables to:

  • Create an actionable strategy for backing up, protecting, and restoring applications and data;
  • Automatically schedule, test, and verify protected virtual machines (VMs) for recoverability;
  • Use scalable storage from Amazon S3 for archiving.
Webinar registrati
Ottobre 28, 2019
Speaker: David Hill

In this webinar, join Veeam® global technologist David Hill to learn more about the replication technologies that exist in the market today.

A technical overview of all the Veeam replication capabilities will be provided along with use cases and scenarios to help you drive better recovery time and recovery point objectives in your environment from a failover perspective.

Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Why replication and backup should be used together
  • Storage replication technologies and when they should be used
  • A general overview of replication technologies
  • WAN Acceleration technology
  • And more!
Webinar registrati
Ottobre 25, 2019
Speaker: Michael Cade
Durata: 43:12

There are many options when it comes to storage integrations and backup & recovery around storage snapshots is just the start. The ability to put those application consistent snapshots to work in order to gain insights and better business outcomes is the true value add Veeam® offers with our many alliance partners.

This webinar will highlight the 4 key benefits and use cases of Veeam® storage integrations. Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Reduce the impact of performance on production systems with storage snapshots
  • Recover any item from backup with Veeam Explorer™
  • Tighten the recovery point objective quickly with orchestrated snapshots
  • Automate sandbox environments using cloning technologies
Webinar registrati
Ottobre 24, 2019
Durata: 51:04

With the rise of BYODs, paperless classrooms and data sprawl, it is becoming increasingly difficult to store, protect and manage data collected by schools.

More so, legislation regarding student data is stricter than ever with professionals like you now having to navigate complex laws around the management of student and staff data.

Watch our webinar and learn about the changes that digital transformation has had on the education industry. This webinar will address the following:

  • How to effectively backup a school’s Microsoft Office 365 data
  • The importance of backing up a student’s work or records
  • How to protect the students, and their information, with backup.

Let's keep the education industry available!

Speaker: Matt Lloyd , Clemens Zerbe
Durata: 1:00:56

With Veeam® plug-ins, you can leverage native backup and restore capabilities required to keep your mission critical applications, such as Oracle Database and SAP HANA, running with little to no impact.
Take advantage of fast Veeam backups, coupled with the granular recovery options needed to meet today’s demanding recovery objectives.
Whether you use Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Automated Storage Management (ASM), use native SAP workflows including SAP HANA Studio, or performing SAP backint-based backup and restore databases and logs, assuring transaction consistency, Veeam plug-ins can help you maintain Availability, reduce complexity and maintain the scalability needed for your business.

Join this session to:

  • Learn how you can take advantage of Veeam plug-ins to recover mission critical information for Oracle Database and SAP HANA
  • Learn how these features help Oracle and SAP administrators provide consistent backup and recovery capabilities with Veeam throughout their infrastructure
  • Watch the live demo to learn practical tips, tricks and best practices from a Veeam expert
  • And more!
Webinar registrati
Ottobre 16, 2019
Speaker: Nikolay Stankevich
Durata: 1:09:00

Use your backup data to further leverage the investment you made in production storage with a new Veeam® DataLabs™ feature provides capabilities that go beyond your typical backup and recovery scenarios.

By allowing customers to spin up isolated copies of their production environments, Veeam DataLabs enables recovery verification as well as upgrade and patch texting prior to production deployment, security testing and compliance enforcement. This new feature also has the ability to easily engage in DevOps, DevTest and more.

Join this session led by Veeam Senior Inside System Engineer of UK&I, Nikolay Stankevich for:

  • A technical walkthrough of Veeam DataLabs setup and configuration
  • Use cases where Veeam DataLabs can be used within your business
  • Tips on how to extend data Availability with Veeam DataLabs
  • Tips and tricks
  • And more!
Webinar registrati
Settembre 26, 2019
Speaker: Melissa Palmer, David Hill
Durata: 53:03

With the advancements in backup technologies the ability to orchestrate and build compliance for your data is essential. Learn how Veeam can help you backup for what’s next and do more with the data you already have.
Webinar registrati
Settembre 26, 2019
Speaker: Jorge de la Cruz, Alfredo Nulli
Durata: 41:38

Maintaining a high level of resilience, increasing of backup performance, reduction of recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) — these are the main challenges that modern companies face to on their way to providing Availability and data protection. Join this webinar to learn how Veeam® Backup & Replication™ 9.5, Pure Storage® FlashArray™ and Pure Storage FlashBlade™ solutions reduce rapid recovery times for large data sets and critical applications from days to minutes. Join this session to learn more about how to:
  • Achieve superior backup and recovery performance with Storage Snapshots
  • Implement full and granular recovery of data
  • Check your data for recoverability with SureBackup® and SureReplica
  • Create an isolated environment (Veeam DataLabs™) for development and testing of any recovery scenario
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