False "VM connection failure" alarm in Veeam Monitor

Veeam ONE
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By default the alarm has the following settings on Rules tab:
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VmDisconnectedEvent and VmConnectedEvent are sent out by Vcenter Server in case the host where a VM resides by any reason was disconnected from Vcenter or any other issue.

In the alarm history a state change during a certain period of time can be observed
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Detailed investigation and analysis of the database of Veeam Monitor shows that there are 2 events to be received from a vCenter server:
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As displayed on the screenshot, there are 2 events in last alarm state record. This mean that 2 events has been received simultaneously and have equal time stams.


Most likely a host experienced a connection state change within 1 second (a network link blinked or anything else). Further on a host could be working stable but the host connection state change generated 2 events: disconnection and connection. Both events came at the same time to Monitor Server, but Monitor considered that a VmDisconnectedEvent has been received later than VmConnectedEvent thus showing the "Error" status as the last alarm state.


Resolve the alarm though Monitor GUI manually:

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This issue will be fixed in the next release of the product.

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