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Reporter typically requires an internet connect to be installed on a server if the server doesn't have .Net 3.5 or SQL already installed.  If you do not have an internet connection, the Reporter installer will fail with a download error similar to the one below. 

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As a feature, if the required products are not on the server, our installer will pull them from the internet and install some of the prerequisites as part of Veeam's installer.


Reporter tries to download SQL, SSRS and .NET from the internet by default if they are not already installed.

1. Download the following packages
             - .NET 3.5 (one package for x86 and x64)
            - SQL 2008 Express with Advanced Services
            - SQL 2008 SP1
2. On the computer where Veeam Reporter will be installed, create the folder "VSDL" in the local temp directory: %temp%\VSDL.  The %temp% directory is different for each version of Windows, but an example of where the %temp% directory is located for Windows 7 x64 is "C:\Users\User_Currently_logged_in\AppData\Local\Temp\VSDL”.
3. Copy all three packages (x86 or x64, depending on the platform) to the newly created VSDL folder.
4. Launch Reporter setup and follow the instructions - it will ‘see’ the packages and install them one by one, as well as other packages included in the setup.

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