Getting Started with Veeam Powershell

Veeam Backup & Replication
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This KB assumes some basic familiarity with Microsoft Powershell, including cmdlets, variables, and the pipeline.


To launch a session with Veeam Powershell, open Veeam Backup & Replication, go to "Tools", and click "Powershell". This will launch a window as below:

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From here, you can obtain a full list of all VBR Cmdlets by using "Get-VBRCommand":

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One command that is quite useful is 'Get-VBRJob'. This returns a list of all backup, replication, and copy jobs configured in your VBR install.

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You can also be more specific about which job(s) you desire by supplying a -Name parameter, which does accept wildcards.

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Now that we know how to get our job data, let's say we wish to start all of our jobs at once (perhaps to do load testing over a weekend). The command is simple:

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You can also do the same with the 'stop-vbrjob' cmdlet analogously.

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