Massive Alarm Actions configuration (Email notifications, SNMP traps or Run script) in Veeam Monitor

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If you have previously configured the Alarm Actions option in Veeam Monitor, then you may need to apply changes to these configuration options globally through all available alarms.


The best way to configure this properly is to run SQL script against Veeam Monitor’s database. Please follow the instructions below to apply the changes correctly:

1. Back up Veeam Monitor's database (the default database name is VeeamMonitor);

2. Run the following script against the VeeamMonitor database (feel free to use SQL Server Management Studio Express to do this):

Update Alarm Set actions = '<Actions>ACTION_TAG</Actions>'
ACTION_TAG might have the following values (depending on your needs):
To send an email notification - <SendMail Value=""/>
To send SNMP Trap to SNMP server - <SendTrap Value="SNMP_Server_Address"/>
To run the script - <RunScript Value="Full_path_to_the_script"/>
To clean the actions - just use no ACTION_TAG at all.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that you are allowed to use multiple ACTION_TAGs so that several actions will be performed once the alarm has been triggered.
3. Restart the “Veeam Data Collector Service” service.

1. Send email notifications to email address:
     Update Alarm Set actions = '<Actions><SendMail Value=""/></Actions>'
2.  Send SNMP Traps (make sure you have global SNMP settings configured properly):
      Update Alarm Set actions = '<Actions><SendTrap Value=""/></Actions>'
3.  Run Magic.bat file, which is located in C:\scripts\ folder :
      Update Alarm Set actions = '<Actions><RunScript Value=" C:\scripts\Magic.bat"/></Actions>'
4.  Erase all predefined actions on all the alarms:
      Update Alarm Set actions = '<Actions></Actions>'
5.  Send email notification to and email addresses:
      Update Alarm Set actions = '<Actions><SendMail Value=""/><SendMail     Value=""/></Actions>'
6.  Send email notification to and run Magic.bat file which is located in C:\scripts\ folder:
     Update Alarm Set actions = '<Actions><SendMail Value=""/><RunScript Value=" C:\scripts\Magic.bat"/></Actions>'

This will cause a large increase of email alerts to the email address added, so it is necessary 
1. Either to disable any unwanted alarms before implementing this script (but this way the disabled alarms will not trigger at all);
2. Or delete the "send e-mail" action from the alarm settings (on those alarms that you do not need to e-mail) after you run the query.

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