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Scheduling service is not running


When trying to start a collection job manually or when running the job automatically, you receive the following start/stop error: 

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Typically, you can just start Veeam Reporter Scheduling Service to resolve the issue, but sometimes you receive the following error instead:

Scheduling service is stopped

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while the service is running.


There are two possible root causes for this issue:

  • The account used to run Reporter Scheduling Service  lacks permissions on the SQL Server and needs to be granted the relevant permissions on the Veeam Reporter database.

  • Sometimes the service and the GUI fall out of synchronization.  


Grant db_owner permissions on the Veeam Reporter database to the account used to run Reporter Scheduling Service. To do so, follow the next steps:

  1. Stop Veeam Reporter Scheduling Service in the Windows Services snap-in.

  2. Make note of the account used to run Scheduling Service.

  3. Log on to the SQL Server instance hosting the Veeam Reporter database.

  4. Go to Security. Right-click Logins and choose New Login.

  5. On the General tab of the New login window, search for the domain user account used to run Veeam Reporter Scheduling Service.

  6. Go to the User mapping tab and check the Veeam Reporter database. In the Database role membership for section, grant the db_owner permissions to the user account.

  7. Start Veeam Reporter Scheduling Service.

Verify whether this helps. If the issue remains, try the following workaround:

Uninstall Reporter, keep the existing database, and reinstall the software pointing to the existing database.  This will re-register the Windows service to the GUI, and this should fix the issue.  If after the reinstall you receive the same error with the same behavior, follow the next steps:

  1. Uninstall Reporter v4.

  2. Detach the current database with historical data. 

  3. Move the database to a new location to avoid DB name conflict.

  4. Install Reporter v4 on the SAME SQL Server and the SAME instance with the SAME database name. 

  5. Verify that Scheduling Service is running and working properly (in green).

  6. While the service is running, detach the NEW database with no data. 

  7. Move the database to a new location to avoid DB name conflict.

  8. Move the old database to the default location (original location).

  9. Attach the old database to the SAME SQL Server and the SAME instance. 

  10. Refresh Reporter v4.  Make sure that Scheduling Service in the GUI and in Windows works properly with historical data. 

More information

This issue has been resolved in version 6 of Veeam ONE Reporter.  

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Veeam Support at
Veeam ONE
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