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Using Veeam ONE Reporter to Detect Orphaned Snapshots in VMware

KB ID: 1757
Product: Veeam ONE
Version: 6.x, 7.x
Published: 2013-05-27
Last Modified: 2020-08-13


Snapshot detection (and all related alarms) in Veeam ONE Monitor, as well as the Active Snapshots report in Veeam ONE Reporter, do not show information pertaining to "orphaned" snapshots which may exist but do not show up in the VMware Snapshot Manager.


The Custom Infrastructure report in Veeam ONE Reporter can be configured to assist with detecting these "orphaned" snapshots by following the report configuration instructions outlined below:

1) Open the Workspace view in Veeam ONE Reporter, select Templates in the bottom left of the screen, and choose the
     Custom Infrastructure report from the list underneath the Custom Reports template folder.

2) Specify the reporting Scope within your infrastructure in the report parameters. Alternatively, you may specify Virtual Machine
     Business View groups to be used as the scope for the report.

3) Choose the following Object Types for the report in the report parameters: Virtual Machine, Virtual Disk
     (multiple objects can be chosen by holding the left-Ctrl key)

     User-added image

4) Select the following Columns in the report parameters: Name, VMDK file, Virtual Disk: Label, Snapshot: File name, Snapshot: File size

     User-added image

 Specify the following Custom Filter in the report parameters: VMDK file - Contains - 0000

     User-added image

- Once the aforementioned report parameters have been set, you may optionally set the Group By and/or Sort By options to Name in order
    to organize the report by Virtual Machine Name.

6) Preview the report to ensure the report contains the information needed, then Save the report for future use. Once the report is saved, it can be
     accessed and scheduled to run automatically from Workspace > Reports.

Orphaned snapshots can generally be recognized if a VMDK file for any VM on the report configured as shown above to filter for file names containing "-0000", usually indicating a snapshot file, contains no additional information in it's Snapshot: File name or Snapshot: File size fields.

If this is the case, confirm the presence of this VMDK file via the Datastore Browser in the vSphere Client, as well as confirm that VMware has no record of this snapshot VMDK file via the VMware Snapshot Manager in the vSphere Client.

More information

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Veeam Support at
KB ID: 1757
Product: Veeam ONE
Version: 6.x, 7.x
Published: 2013-05-27
Last Modified: 2020-08-13

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