Understanding the Backup Enterprise Manager notification email

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The following is an example of a BEM notification email:
Subject: “Last 24 hours: 12 Errors, 1 Warnings, 3 Successes”
Body: “Summary of last sessions for all jobs: 6 Errors, 3 Warnings, 4 Successes”


The last “24 hours” in the subject line is literally what has occurred over the last 24 hours as of the compiling of the email. This includes all job runs and any retries.
The summary of last sessions for all jobs, is the state of all jobs in the Veeam Backup & Replication console. This includes jobs that are disabled or not scheduled.

More Information

The subject line of the Backup Enterprise Manager notification email can be modified within the Backup Enterprise Manager configuration section. The body of the email cannot be modified.
The available parameters are:
%1 — number of errors (last 24 hours)
%2 — number of warnings (last 24 hours)
%3 — number of successes (last 24 hours)
%4 — number of errors (latest session)
%5 — number of warnings (latest session)
%6 — number of successes (latest session)

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