Error timed out requesting agent ports for client session. failed to initialize agent during a backup.

KB ID: 2108
Products: Veeam Endpoint Backup
Version: 1.x
Last Modified: 2016-03-28


The Veeam Endpoint Backup job fails with the error message:
Error AgentManagerService: Failed to start agent, Host <name of computer>
The host name is the local machine from which Veeam Endpoint Backup is installed on.  In the logs the following additional error message may show up.
Error --tr:Failed to initialize agent ( specified agent path: [C:\Program Files\Veeam\Endpoint Backup\x86\VeeamAgent.exe], arguments: [ -g"2500-5000" -i"{3809193f-46f6-4fcc-b001-bfc8aad51678}" -l"flush,C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Endpoint\Backup__Job__PRIMACYDC/Agent.Backup__Job__PRIMACYDC.Source.PRIMACYDC.log" -f 25 --vddkLogLevel 1 --maxPendingBlocks 10000 -n -x"{f7bb330c-50e4-4f50-8f69-851aa0a243ee}"]) 

 When attempting to manually start the veeamagent.exe from the specified agent path, the following windows message comes up:
The program can’t start because dbghelp.dll is missing from your computer.  Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem.


This means that the Veeam Agent is not starting up because there is some corruption on the computer’s file system.


To resolve:

1. Run full computer scan with anti-virus software.
2. Open up the command prompt as an administrator and run sfc /scannow.  It should locate any issues with the file system or registry and fix them.

More Information

Note that re-installation of Veeam Endpoint Backup may be needed after completion of the steps above.
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