HCL - NEC Hydrastor HS8-5002S-288

Veeam Backup & Replication
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Product Information:

Company name: NEC Corporation of America
Product Family: NEC HYDRAstor
Status: Veeam Ready - Repository
Classification Description: Verified backup storage that supports all Veeam backup and restore features.


Product Details:

Model number: HS8-5002S-288
Drive quantity, size, type: 48, SATA HDD
Firmware version: V5.0.3 (System Version)
Additional support: Available on HYDRAstor HS8-5002S-288 or higher tier models with an equal or greater number of drives using the firmware version listed.

General product family overview:

NEC's HYDRAstor technology delivers high performance, capacity-optimized and highly available storage solutions, supporting backup, long-term data archive, and DR solutions for all enterprises. HYDRAstor is a scale-out grid storage platform built on top of a scalable back-end object storage with inline global deduplication, solving present and future challenges for long-term data. HYDRAstor’s scale-out grid architecture provides scalability of both performance and capacity, capacity optimization, advanced erasure-coded data protection, and high availability with node-level resiliency. HYDRAstor can be further expanded and refreshed online with no data migration by incorporating newer generation hardware into the same grid system, maximizing investment protection.


Veeam testing configuration:

Note: The following settings were used by the vendor to meet Veeam Ready testing requirements and should not be considered best practices. Additional changes or settings may be needed to meet the storage efficiency or performance needs for each environment. For each setting, reference links are provided for further clarification.

Veeam Build Number:

Job Settings:

Deduplication: Disabled
Compression: None
Storage Optimization: Local Target (Default)

Repository Settings:

Repository Type: Shared Folder
Align backup file blocks: Disabled (Default)
Decompress before storing: Enabled
Per-VM Backup Files: Enabled

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