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Product: Veeam Backup & Replication
Version: 9.x
Last Modified: 2017-12-02


Product Information

Product Family: Scality RING 
Status: Veeam Ready - Archive 
Classification Description: Verified disk archive storage that can be used as a Backup Copy target.  Synthetic full backups, granular restores, and vPower features may not provide sufficient performance or be supported.


Product Details

Model number: Scality RING 
Number of Drives: 48 SATA, 6 SSD per node (6 nodes) 
Drive type: SATA and SSD 
Firmware version: RING Software Version 5.1.7 
Additional support: Configurations with 6 or more nodes with at least 48 SATA drives and 6 SSD’s per node 
General product family overview: The Scality RING is software that turns any standard x86 servers into web-scale storage. With the RING, you can store any amount of data, of any type, with incredible efficiency and 100% reliability, guaranteed—all while reducing costs by as much as 90% over legacy systems.

Veeam Details

  • Repository Type: Shared folder
  • Align backup file data blocks: No
  • Decompress backup data blocks before storing: No
  • Use per-VM backup files: Yes (optional)
  • Enable In-Line Data Deduplication: Yes 
  • Compression level: Optimal 
  • Storage Optimization: Local Target (16TB+ backup files)  (Settings for source backups only, it guarantees better performance on this storage due to a bigger block size in backup copy)

More Information

Company Information

Company name: Scality  
Company overview: Scality, the world leader in object and cloud storage, bridges the gap between application vendors and industry standard hardware providers to meet your cost-effective storage scale, durability, cloud and performance requirements.

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