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Product: Veeam Backup & Replication
Version: 9.x
Last Modified: 2017-03-06


Product Information: 

Product Family: Verde 
Status: Veeam Ready - Archive 
Classification Description: Verified disk archive storage that can be used as a Backup Copy target.  Synthetic full backups, granular restores, and vPower features may not provide sufficient performance or be supported


Product Details: 

Model number: Verde 
Number of Drives: 23 
Drive type: 8TB SATA SMR drives 
Firmware version: 3.1.3 
Additional support: All models and configurations of Verde with equal or above the one outlined above  
General product family overview: Spectra® Verde® NAS Solution is the optimal disk platform for the storage of mid-tier data, including primary storage offload, data staging, backup and archiving. Flexible, simple and affordable, the Spectra Verde delivers file storage for as low as 7.5 cents per gigabyte. The expandable Verde disk solution provides raw storage capacities from 48TB to 7.1PB. Designed for a variety of workloads, a single Verde solution supports three different disk drive types, including 4TB, 8TB and 12TB enterprise drives; 8TB archive drives; and high-performance SSD drives. Reliable, economical and archive-ready, Spectra Verde simplifies the data storage process. 


Veeam Details: 

Veeam Build Number: 
Veeam Settings:  

Repository Type: CIFS 
Deduplication: No 
Compression: No 
Storage Optimization: Local Target 16+ 
Per-VM Backup Files: No 
Decompress before storing: No 
Align backup file blocks: No

More Information

Company Information: 

Company name: Spectra Logic 
Company overview: Spectra Logic develops deep storage solutions that solve the problem of long term storage for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Dedicated solely to storage innovation for nearly 40 years, Spectra Logic’s uncompromising product and customer focus is proven by the largest information users in multiple vertical markets globally. Spectra enables affordable, multi-decade data storage and access by creating new methods of managing information in all forms of deep storage—including archive, backup, cold storage, cloud and private cloud.

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